The Dura-Post® Delineator is the ideal solution to prevent violations of disabled and reserved parking spaces. It is a highly visible bollard that can be installed next to parking bays to indicate which areas are allocated for disabled parking. Many motorists use disabled spaces or park partly in them, over the lines. The problem is that disabled motorists or passengers then cannot exit or enter their vehicles because the violator’s vehicle impinges on their space.

With Dura-Post® delineators installed, motorists cannot disregard the boundaries. Installation frees up guard time too, as guards do not constantly have to watch the spaces and reprimand offenders. In addition, the Dura-Post® delineator serves as a depth indicator for opposing parking bays, so the vehicle of a motorist that pulls too deep into the space contacts the delineator and not the opposing vehicle. In this way, scuffs and scrapes in parking lots can be reduced.

Dura-Post® Delineator – Features

The system requires little maintenance. Because it is highly visible, even at night, there is no need to paint it in a bright colour, and with the posts installed, there is no need to paint the road surface to indicate a restricted parking area. It is easy to install and very durable; one only needs to replace it after many repeated impacts. The post deflects upon impact and returns to the upright position afterwards, so it suffers no damage from low-speed impacts. As such, it is a cost-effective indicator and restriction system.

Dura-Post® Delineator – Other Applications

It can be used as a lane separator, especially where road-surface space is limited, and it can be installed on dangerous bends in the road. The system can also be installed at the entrances and exits of parking lots.

Dura-Post® Delineator – Durability

The Dura-Post® delineator is extremely durable and can withstand more than 200 impacts at 97 km/h before it must be replaced. Installation is as easy as using quickset epoxy to affix it to the road surface.

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