Armco Superlite

Armco was founded as a subsidiary of the American Roller Mill Corporation in the early 1930’s. It was sold to the Robson Group and then later to Murray & Roberts to form part of its light industry focus. In 1997 the business was sold to Steelwood Africa as part of a Black Empowerment Initiative by M & R. Today, Armco Superlite is a wholly owned subsidiary of OBO Bettermann Holdings Africa Ltd.

Products And Operations

Armco’s products can be broadly categorized into three separate business units, Construction Products, Road Safety Products and Galvanizing. Construction Products operations comprise the formation and manufacture via a process of steel pressing and trimming of a variety of products used predominantly in infrastructural construction.
The Road Safety division was launched in 2005 and supplies a variety of products to the road industry such as guardrail, wire rope systems, crash cushions and steel barriers to name a few. The Galvanizing business involves the treatment of steel to prevent corrosion. The two businesses were originally interdependent with the bulk of the galvanizing work being performed for Construction Products.


Armco Superlite is listed in accordance with the BSI ISO 9001: 2015 quality scheme which ensures the quality of all products and services produced by Armco Superlite. Specific customer quality plans are drawn up where required for any of our operations.
Armco holds the SATAS mark for Hot Dipped Galvanized steel and all products galvanized at our premises are according to the SANS 121 ISO 1461 Specification. Galvanizing certificates are supplied on request. Armco also holds the SATAS mark for the manufacture of W-Beam guardrail and all guardrail is manufactured in accordance with SANS 1350.

Employment Equity And Affirmative Action

In line with current legislation and group policies Armco Superlite has a active Employment Equity Working Committee addressing all the issues of the Employment Equity Act including an Affirmative Action Plan and Measures, Skills and Development Plan, Training and Education Plan.

Corporate Governance

Armco Superlite is fully committed to the OHS Act as the health and safety of our workers is vital to our company. We have a well established Health and Safety Committee with fully trained representatives through the works representing all employees and high standards of safety confirm this.


Armco practices a cradle to grave policy with regards to our chemicals which emphasizes who we buy from and what happens to the products after use. We record who disposes the product and where with the backing of certificates to make sure no harm is done to the environment.
Our Isando and Randfontein plants have been licensed under the “National Environment: Air Quality Act, (Act No. 39 of 2004), standards and regulations.


Hot Dip Galvanizing Association of South Africa

Through active membership knowledge and information sharing assists in the industry in continuous improvement. Simultaneously the H.D.G.A.S.A. provides recourse to all galvanizing customers and specifies. Their strict codes of discipline and a professional approach promote our shared objectives.

Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa

As Armco Superlite offers a complete corrosion protection service it is vital to stay abreast with corrosion protection in general and have access to expert advice.

Steel Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa (SEIFSA)

With legislation and industry changing continuously in South Africa SEIFSA guides its members and also handles negotiations in respect of Human Resources and Industrial Relations on their behalf. SEIFSA offers various other industry-related services supporting their members for example, indices, main agreements and training.

South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC)

The SAISC is South Africa’s only technical and advisory organization supporting the use of steel in construction. The SAISC is commercially minded but professional, independent and respected.

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