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Since its modest beginning in premises near Johannesburg’s old produce market in Newton, South Africa, back in January 1982, O-line Support Systems has developed into a leading supplier of cable management and structural support systems in Southern Africa and the African continent as well as Far East.

The company began as a small supplier of standard wiring channels, cable ladders and trays, mechanical supports, concrete anchor channels, cable clamps, hangers and a limited range of power skirting with service outlets and accessories. These internationally tried and tested products still make up the backbone of the business. When the British GKN Group of companies stopped operation of their Engineering Services Division at the end of 1984, O-line took the opportunity to acquire the rights of GKN Sankey’s local patents, thereby adding a number of new products to our range.

O-line Support Systems Hotspots

Rapid but controlled growth, necessitated the move to 14/16 Prop Street, Selby Extension 11, Johannesburg, which houses O-line’s administrative headquarters and warehouse.

Today, a sophisticated distribution network, consisting of branch offices and stockists in all main centers, ensures that O-line brand products are a household name throughout Southern Africa and parts of the International arena, focusing on the supply of the major projects in the region. Since 2012 O-line is proud part of the OBO Bettermann Group.

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