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Road-Safety Products for Temporary and Permanent Applications


As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we ensure that our products meet the relevant manufacturing and safety standards. We are also a well-known delineator supplier. Many of the road-safety products used locally come from our product stable.Road-Safety Products - The Temporary DelineatorThe conventional yellow-and-black striped delineator fitted to a removable base

Road-Safety Products for Temporary and Permanent Applications2021-10-08T13:32:48+02:00

Advantages of the Dura-Post® Delineator


The Dura-Post® Delineator is the ideal solution to prevent violations of disabled and reserved parking spaces. It is a highly visible bollard that can be installed next to parking bays to indicate which areas are allocated for disabled parking. Many motorists use disabled spaces or park partly in them, over the lines. The problem is

Advantages of the Dura-Post® Delineator2021-10-08T15:41:17+02:00

How to Find the Best Guardrail Suppliers


Considering the importance of a highway crash barrier, it is essential to purchase quality materials from guardrail suppliers you can trust. But finding one amongst the many manufacturers in the market supplying products suitable for South African roads can be difficult. To make it easier, follow the tips below when selecting guardrail suppliers: Range of services and products. Select

How to Find the Best Guardrail Suppliers2021-10-08T15:39:08+02:00

Revolutionary Barrier System to Improve Road Safety in South Africa


The wire-rope safety fence is a permanent rail that consists of posts installed on the road surface with wire rope suspended between them. The entire system works together to form a safety fence. With the wire-rope safety fence taking up far less space on the road surface than other types of barriers such as concrete

Revolutionary Barrier System to Improve Road Safety in South Africa2021-10-08T15:37:16+02:00

When and Why to Use A Water-Filled Barrier


The water-filled barrier is one of the most versatile road-safety products in South Africa. It is a stackable, high-impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene barrier that is used as a boundary indicator and wall where there is a need for a temporary barrier. The interlocking nature of the water-filled barrier system makes it possible to create a long

When and Why to Use A Water-Filled Barrier2021-10-08T15:34:42+02:00

Applications of Our Metal Sheet and Corrugate Pipe Products


We provide a range of steel products for the mining, construction, engineering, and roadwork industries. Our offering includes corrugated pipes and galvanised steel beams. One of our steel products is the charcoal kiln. Types of Charcoal Kilns Various types of charcoal kilns are used. The most-used types are made of brick and steel, allowing high

Applications of Our Metal Sheet and Corrugate Pipe Products2021-10-08T15:32:36+02:00

What Is A Crash Cushion?


The crash cushion, also referred to as an impact attenuator or an impact absorber, is a device designed specifically to reduce impact damage to vehicles and structures and injury to vehicle occupants. The design ensures that the crash cushion absorbs the kinetic energy from the vehicle that collides with it. Such an impact attenuator can

What Is A Crash Cushion?2021-10-08T15:30:07+02:00

What Is Galvanisation?


Galvanisation is a method used for coating metal to protect it against corrosion. The surface is covered with a thin layer of zinc. The underlying metal surface is shielded against the environment and only the zinc is exposed to the atmosphere. Once galvanised, the surface does not have to be painted; in fact, the silver

What Is Galvanisation?2021-10-08T15:14:17+02:00

Essential Characteristics and Functions of Delineators


As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we supply everything from traffic delineators and guardrails to end-terminals and crash-cushion systems, to name only a few of our products. Below is a brief introduction to our flexible and Dura-Post® delineators, in addition to the road-safety cones available from us. Traffic Delineators As their

Essential Characteristics and Functions of Delineators2021-10-08T15:11:43+02:00

What Is a Mentrail And Why Install It on South African Roads?


Road-construction sites are now almost an expected part of the scenery when you drive through South Africa. Many roads are in the process of being upgraded or urban roads widened. Motorists have become used to seeing roadworks, detours, and road-safety equipment on local roads. Such road improvements are essential to cater for the increased number

What Is a Mentrail And Why Install It on South African Roads?2021-10-08T15:09:39+02:00

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