The Trend CEN End Terminal is a steel post, energy absorbing terminal for use with w-beam safety barriers. The steel “breakaway” posts are designed using an innovative concept. The lower post, having a U-Section, is driven into the ground. The upper post, with its U-Section, slides into the lower post and is then secured using a steel tension bolt.


  • Fully tested as a P4 terminal for 110km/h using ENV 1317-4 criteria.
  • Breakaway steel post technology.
  • Easy to transport – one complete unit, weighing approximately 400kg, can fit onto a standard pallet for transportation on small work vehicles.
  • Easy to install – the Trend CEN End Terminal can be installed in 2 hours by a three person crew using standard safety barrier installation equipment.
  • Debris field is less than 1m.
  • Multiple post anchoring options.
  • Fits directly onto traditional w-beam guardrail.


Length ( 110km/h system) 12m
Weight (approximate) 400kg
Post Spacing 2m


1 – Rail and head assembly
2 – Upper post
3 – Cable assembly
4 – Rail spacer
5 – Terminus rail
6 – Tension bolt