Safence is a product from Blue Systems which we have developed together with the Danish company Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik (BMM). The wire rope fences are designed to meet the requirements for road safety barriers according to NCHRP 350-TL4 and the new European CEN standards.

High Safety Levels

Within the European standards organisation CEN, standards have been worked out as to how impact testing of safety barriers is to be carried out. These impact tests for road safety barriers are described in prEN 1317, Road Restraint Systems. The CEN standards place functional demands on road barriers from the viewpoint of road safety, and establish different containment levels for testing road safety barriers. The traffic environment where they are to be installed determines which containment level should be used and which working width can be allowed. Also included in the CEN standards is the demand that there should be minimal risk of personal injury in a collision with the barrier (Impact severity level).

We can provide different models and designs depending on the customer’s requirements regarding containment level, working width and impact severity level.


All installations are done by Armco Road Safety Products accredited teams in accordance with Blue Systems specifications.

Easy Repair

The repair of a wire rope fence is quick and easy due to the slotted post holes whereby posts are easily removed and replaced. It is important that repair work on the fence can be done easily and quickly without any loss of quality. In order to ensure the quality, function, length of life and standards of service for our products, we offer training to the service personnel concerned on each stretch of highway where our fence has been installed.

Long Life

All fittings are supplied in grade 316 stainless steel. All other steel components are galvanized to SANS 121 / ISO 1461.


Containment Level Speed Weight Angle
N1 80km/h 1500kg 20
N2 100km/h 900kg 20
N2 110km/h 1500kg 20

Working Width
W1 <= 0.6m
W2 <= 0.8m
W3 <= 1.0m
W4 <= 1.3m
W5 <= 1.7m
W6 <= 2.1m

Impact Severity Level
A Very Good
B Good