As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we ensure that our products meet the relevant manufacturing and safety standards. We are also a well-known delineator supplier. Many of the road-safety products used locally come from our product stable.

Road-Safety Products – The Temporary Delineator

The conventional yellow-and-black striped delineator fitted to a removable base is a familiar sight at roadworks. What makes this delineator special is that it bends backwards or sideways upon impact from a vehicle. After the impact, the blade flips back to the upright position. As a supplier of road-safety products, we understand the importance of reducing impact damage and the delineators we supply are designed with this in mind. The delineator’s base system makes quick deployment possible. It helps to reduce the time it takes to demarcate lanes for the rerouting of traffic around hazards associated with roadworks. The stripes indicate on which side the hazard is and on which side to pass. Thanks to the swivel action of the blade and its base system, the delineator will remain effective even in high winds. It is also a particularly durable and cost-effective road-safety product. Lightweight in design, the delineator can be deployed by a single worker without the need for any special equipment. It is easy to transport and, because of its light weight, easy and cost-effective to transport. The small footprint of the system makes it possible to stack many units in storage or for transportation.

Road-Safety Products – The Dura-Post® Delineator

We are a trusted supplier of the well-known Dura-Post® delineator, which is a permanent delineator system consisting of posts installed on the road surface. The posts are affixed to the road surface using quickset epoxy and installation is thus both quick and easy. The posts serve to prevent a vehicle from wilfully or accidentally moving into a restricted space. Applications include placement on the boundaries of disabled parking spaces, for the demarcation of specific lanes for bus or public transport in urban areas, and for the provision of pedestrian and bicycle lanes. These delineators can also be deployed at the entrances and exits of parking lots. In addition, the posts are ideal for separating opposing parking spaces.

When used for the demarcation of disabled parking spaces, the highly visible posts prevent motorists from parking on the boundaries or in disabled spaces. When used at parking spaces, they provide visible boundaries between opposing spaces. A motorist cannot accidentally park too deep in the space thanks to the presence of the posts, preventing contact with other cars. In this instance, Dura-Post® delineators effectively reduce bumps, scrapes, and vehicle damage associated with misjudging the depth of parking spaces. As a delineator supplier, we understand how important highly visible road-safety products are. Dura-Post® delineators are not only highly visible, but they are extremely tough and durable as well. Because of their unique design, the posts give way upon impact and simply return to the upright position afterwards, regardless of the angle of impact. These posts are made to last long; in fact, they have been tested to withstand more than 200 impacts at 97 km/h. When it thus comes to products that provide good value for money yet superior quality, you cannot ask for better than what is available from us as a reputable supplier of delineators and other road-safety products in South Africa.

Dura-Post® delineators are bright yellow for maximum visibility in poor light and are visible from all angles. The posts are made from ultraviolet-resistant material and have a patented, tapered wall design. With no parts protruding, these posts have an excellent safety profile. These road-safety devices meet MUTCD standards and consist of only one piece each. As such, the risk of flying debris upon impact is significantly reduced. In addition, the posts can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -20 to 60 °C, so they can be installed anywhere in South Africa, regardless of the weather. The posts’ small footprint also means less road surface is taken up. As such, they can be installed in areas where limited space is available.

Whether you require permanent or temporary delineators, you can rely on us as a well-established supplier of road-safety products to provide you with quality products, manufactured for functionality and longevity.