Speeding, reckless driving, and dangerous driving conditions in South Africa have been noted as contributing factors when it comes to the high number of fatalities on South African roads. Various safety products such as traffic cones are now available from reputable suppliers such as Armco Superlite to help warn motorists of hazards and redirect them around dangers. We briefly introduce the road cone and other safety products in our portfolio. We are also suppliers of galvanised steel and construction products in South Africa.

The traffic pylon is hollow to ensure it is light enough in weight for easy deployment, storage, and transport. With their hollow design, they can be stacked when not in use and this helps to reduce the space needed to store them. Though the modern traffic pylon is made from a durable polymer plastic, the ones from a few decades ago were made from wood. They were obviously far too heavy to be handled or deployed easily or quickly. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it possible to manufacture traffic cones from lightweight materials that are also very durable, and cost-effective. We are among the leading road-cone suppliers in South Africa and our product range offers various sizes and colours of them.

Our product stable also includes the monster cone, which is used at mine and construction sites where large machinery and trucks operate. The road-cone designs make it possible to deploy them where they are needed without having to use special equipment. Such cones are deployed at vehicle-accident scenes to demarcate paths around such scenes. Traffic cones also serve to demarcate safe walking or driving lanes, to indicate two lanes merging, and to warn of stationery vehicles. Smaller pylons of similar design are often used by coaches at sports events as well.

Apart from the brightly coloured and UV-resistant cones, we are suppliers of products such as delineators and water-filled barriers as well. The temporary blade-type, black-and-yellow delineators serve a purpose similar to that of road cones. These units are also light in weight, easy to place, and highly visible. These delineators can be used to channel traffic into specific lanes. We are furthermore suppliers of the Dura®-Post delineators too. These are made to withstand 200 vehicle impacts at a speed of 97 km/h. The posts are made to return to the upright position directly after an impact. Due to the product’s design and the material used, it hardly causes any damage to the impacting vehicle except some light scuffing.

As mentioned earlier, we are suppliers of water-filled barriers as well. These barriers can be interlocked to create a wall around a hazard for preventing vehicles from using a blocked-off piece of roadway. These barriers, though certainly heavier and bigger than the delineators, are still light enough to be deployed without the need for special equipment. The products also have good UV resistance and have a long lifespan. Apart from products for temporary use such as traffic pylons, we are suppliers of the well-known W-beam guardrail system. The Armco barrier, as it is often called, serves several purposes:

  • Warning of changes in the road.
  • Preventing vehicles from moving into unforgiving objects such as trees or lampposts.
  • Preventing vehicles from going over the sides of a mountain pass.
  • Preventing vehicles from going into bodies of water.
  • Indicating to motorists where the side of the road is and thus helping to reduce median clustering.
  • Preventing motorists from crossing the island between two highway carriageways.
  • Redirecting straying vehicles back to the safe path.

W-beam guardrails are installed along with special wooden or steel posts, highly visible delineators, and end-treatment terminals. It is essential to install such rails in the right way and only where they are really needed. If it is likely for a motorist to regain control over their vehicle without hitting an object on the side of the road, it is best not to install the guardrail system at all.

We also produce speed ramps. These ramps help to reduce instances of speeding in residential and retail areas. We are thus not only one of the most reliable road-cone suppliers in South Africa, but also a manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of other quality traffic-regulation and safety products.