Prices of Road Cones and Safety Barriers

Out of all the road safety equipment available in the world today, the road cone is certainly the most versatile. Most commonly known for their ability to assist in directing traffic on public roads, they are also used for purposes such as warning other drivers of a mechanical breakdown, janitorial staff to warn the public of cleaning in progress, builders, demarcating safe walking zones for pedestrians and sports coaches who train their teams in tactical manoeuvres. In fact, if you can think of a need for a delineator, the humble traffic cone can probably do the job.

road cones

Additional uses for the Humble Road Cone

The road cone is not only responsible for assisting in traffic control at lateral or merging tapers during road construction projects. They also assist in warning drivers and pedestrians of other hazards that are sometimes difficult to see, for instance:

  • Separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • At raised manhole covers.
  • Law enforcement roadblocks.
  • Scenes of accidents or other emergencies.
  • Protecting firemen at roadside wildfires.
  • Demarcating potholes or;
  • Rough terrain and other traffic hindrances.

These intrepid little delineators may also be seen directing pedestrian traffic in crowded areas, for example:

  • High sales-volume ticket offices or prior to a Black Friday sale.
  • Access control points at public events or staff entrances to large factories.
  • Security checkpoints at high-volume work areas.
  • On athletic fields or;
  • In public parking areas.

Traffic cones

Procuring Cheap will end up on the Rubbish Heap 

In many instances, companies that use traffic cones make the mistake of purchasing inferior products made from cheap, disposable plastics and sprayed with sub-grade painting products. Exposed to sunlight and other weather conditions, or falling victim to incorrect handling and storage, or errant drivers or pedestrians, these flimsy replicas may fade, crack, split or break in very short periods and would need constant replacing. They may look the same as their high-quality counterparts, but they cannot stand up to the rigours of their demanding tasks.

Longevity, durability, sturdiness and strength of the highest quality road cone are what buyers should be looking for. This is the product that the leaders in the production and supply of road safety equipment, Armco Superlite is internationally renowned for. They are made of the best quality PVC which prevents degradation and erosion. They are stained in UV-resistant ink and come with reflective jackets for use after dark.

Being hollow inside makes them stackable and transportable. They are light enough to carry but heavy enough to stand their ground against wind and heavy-duty traffic. They are tough enough to withstand harsh African weather conditions and are made in accordance with SANS-specific safety requirements, built to outlast any inferior product by years of loyal service.


But that’s not All – Check out our Barriers

As with the strength and durability of our traffic cones, we at Armco pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality safety barriers. They are not designed for vehicular impacts; however, manufactured from high-impact UV-stabilised Polyethylene, they come in three convenient sizes to accommodate and assist with any road construction project.

The largest size, measuring an overall length of 2.030m with a height of 1.015m and a base width of 520mm is lightweight at 28kg, stackable and transportable. When filled with sand or water, it weighs in at a hefty 80kg which assists in the prevention of movement and potential theft, and, once interlocked, they form a formidable safety barrier separating workers from vehicular traffic and other dangers.

At Armco Superlite, our quality supersedes most prices, and we never substitute quality. We know our superior products will beat any inferior imitations. Initial investments may be higher than some competitors; however, the durability and longevity of our products save on consistent breakage and replacement purchases, saving time and money. For a full inventory of our top-quality road safety equipment, products and services, consult with us for a quotation. Arm yourself with Armco, the leader in road safety equipment.


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