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Corrugated Metal Pipes for Drainage Structures


Corrugated Metal Pipes for Drainage Structures and Stockpile Tunnels Drainage structures must be strong, durable and designed to allow for optimal water or liquid flow. To find out why corrugated steel is widely used for the creation of stockpile tunnels and culverts, let’s start with a closer look at the properties of corrugated steel. What

Corrugated Metal Pipes for Drainage Structures2022-06-17T14:41:16+02:00

W-Beam Guardrail for Ultimate Safety


Guardrail: The Highway Barrier that Improves Road Safety The W-beam highway guardrail is a road safety device that improves the overall safety profile of a stretch of road. As the name suggests, it is a barrier. As such, it is intended to prevent breakthroughs and to safeguard motorists from leaving the safe travel path or

W-Beam Guardrail for Ultimate Safety2022-06-17T14:14:16+02:00

How Crash Cushions Work


How Crash Cushions Work to Save Lives  Whether you refer to these road safety products as impact attenuators or crash cushions, their functions are the same. They act to protect maintenance workers, motorists, vehicles, and structures against damage and fatalities associated with collisions. Read on if you want to know more about the types of

How Crash Cushions Work2022-06-17T13:46:33+02:00

Why Install A Road Safety Fence


Why Install a Road Safety Fence: What You Need to Know With several types of barriers available to improve road conditions, why and when should you choose the wire rope safety fence? These and other questions regarding the barrier type are answered below to help you make an informed buying decision. What is a wire

Why Install A Road Safety Fence2022-06-17T12:19:37+02:00

Reasons to Install W-Beam Steel Guardrails


Top Reasons to Install W-Beam Steel Guardrails on South African Roads The W-beam guardrail has become such a familiar sight next to highways and on mountain passes in South Africa, that few people even consider the importance of having these barriers in place. In this article, we take a closer look at the reasons for

Reasons to Install W-Beam Steel Guardrails2022-06-17T11:51:27+02:00

Types & Functions of Highway Barriers


Types and Functions of Highway Barriers: Factors to Consider Highway barriers serve to protect motorists from potential vehicle collisions with hazardous objects next to the road, other vehicles, water resources, and roll-over incidents related to slopes and ditches. These are only a few of the risks against which they protect. Read on to discover some

Types & Functions of Highway Barriers2022-06-17T11:06:09+02:00

Good Guardrail System Fundamentals | Road Safety Guardrail


The Building Blocks of a Good Guardrail System Every road safety device offers specific benefits and serves a main purpose, along with one or more secondary functions. However, for the product to serve its purpose, its design must support the intention. To this end, there are several types of barriers used on South African roads.

Good Guardrail System Fundamentals | Road Safety Guardrail2022-02-28T09:48:19+01:00

What makes a guardrail so safe? | Armco Guardrail | Road Safety


What Makes a Road Safety Guardrail So Safe? A highway guardrail is designed to improve road safety. With this as the main purpose, the barrier must also be designed to be safe. Although it cannot prevent accidents altogether and there is no guarantee that it will save lives in every incident, if installed correctly and

What makes a guardrail so safe? | Armco Guardrail | Road Safety2022-02-28T09:38:43+01:00

Guardrail Suppliers | Armco Barrier | Road Safety Products


Road Safety Products and Guardrail Suppliers in South Africa  Armco Superlite is not just one of the leading guardrail suppliers in South Africa. The firm is also a leading supplier of a wide range of related road safety products. Apart from the guardrails, which are discussed in more detail below, we take a look at

Guardrail Suppliers | Armco Barrier | Road Safety Products2022-02-01T06:56:24+01:00

Road Cone | Plastic Road Cones | Road Safety Products


Reasons Why Our Road Cone Products are So Popular with Our Clients  With many types, sizes and colours of road cones available on the market, how do you choose the best one for your particular needs? Are all the same quality and why are our road pylon safety products so popular with our clients? Read

Road Cone | Plastic Road Cones | Road Safety Products2022-02-01T06:54:50+01:00

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