Weathering the Elements: Sheathing as the First Line of Defence in Construction


Galvanised sheathing in the construction industry is one of the most convenient, dependable, and versatile products used in modern-day building projects. This is because, for multiple decades before its conception, builders faced a constant battle against the elements. Wind, rain, icy conditions, and even intense sunlight induced rust and corrosion and wreaked havoc on exposed structures.


These factors delayed projects and destroyed structures made of steel or iron, increasing construction and maintenance costs, and sometimes compromised the safety of the finished product. This is where galvanised sheathing emerged as a crucial product that revolutionised the construction industry, offering a robust first line of defence against these fierce environmental adversaries.


In today’s article, the expert galvanisers at Armco Superlite will explain what galvanised sheathing is, a few of its benefits and applications, and how it offers you a first line of defence in construction.


What is Galvanised Sheathing?


Galvanised sheathing is a sheet metal product often composed of iron or steel. To enhance its resilience, it undergoes a hot-dip galvanisation process. This involves submerging the steel or iron in molten zinc, creating a protective zinc coating that bonds metallurgically with the base metal. This coating shields the steel from corrosion and offers superior weathering resistance compared to untreated metallic products.



3 Benefits of Galvanised Sheathing

Here are three benefits of galvanised sheathing:


Enhanced Weather Protection


  • Impenetrable Barrier: The zinc coating acts as a barrier, preventing water, moisture, and wind from directly reaching the underlying structure. This protects against water damage, rust, and structural degradation.


  • Corrosion Resistance: Unlike untreated steel, galvanised steel sheathing exhibits exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, even in harsh environments like coastal regions or areas with high humidity. These properties significantly extend the lifespan of the structure and reduces maintenance requirements.


  • Heat and Sunlight Reflection: The reflective surface of galvanised sheathing helps regulate interior temperatures by reflecting sunlight and heat, contributing to improved energy efficiency and a more comfortable interior environment of accommodation units.


Unprecedented Structural Integrity


  • Strength and Durability: Galvanised materials possess outstanding strength and rigidity, contributing to the overall structural integrity of the building. It can withstand strong winds, heavy ice, or snow loads and some seismic activity, safeguarding the occupants and the structure itself.


  • Fire Resistance: Depending on the thickness and gauge, galvanised steel can offer excellent fire resistance, creating a crucial barrier against the spread of flames and contributing to improved fire safety.


Construction Advantages


  • Lightweight and Flexible: Galvanised sheathing is relatively lightweight compared to other building materials, and is prepared off-site, making it easier to handle and install. This results in easier delivery, faster construction times, and reduced labour costs. Moreover, the flexibility of the metal allows for curved applications like corrugated steel culverts, stockpile tunnels, and other architectural designs.


  • Low Maintenance: The robust nature of galvanised sheathing demands minimal maintenance. Its inherent corrosion resistance eliminates the need for frequent painting or protective weather coatings, reducing long-term costs and environmental impacts.


  • Sustainable Choices: Galvanised steel products are a highly recyclable commodity, boasting an excessively high recycling rate. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for construction projects aligning with sustainable building practices.


Applications of Superior-Quality Galvanised Sheathing


The benefits and applications for galvanised sheathing are more numerous than most people can account for. Wall sheathing, roofing and structural underlayment, and other structural applications like beams, trusses, and purlins are commonly used products. At Armco Superlite, we specialise in infrastructural culverts and stockpile tunnels, and the strength and durability of the product make it suitable for all these specific tasks and more.


Do It Right with Armco Superlite


At Armco Superlite, we strive to be the leading specialist in the supply and manufacture of galvanised products, regardless of your needs or specifications. Our product range of superior galvanised sheathing is being used extensively by mining houses, industrial companies, contractors, and consulting engineers globally due to our reputation and extensive expertise.


So, if you require galvanising of any steel product that you are about to fit into a construction project, contact us at Armco Superlite – we’ll get the job done right!