Knowing the function of the W-beam rail provides you with insight as to the importance of selecting well-tested products that are compliant with the requirements of the SABS and relevant international standards bodies. To this effect, we briefly answer the question, “What is the purpose of a guardrail?”

It is important is to understand that the guardrail is a road-safety product. As such, its main purpose is to improve road safety. To this end, it limits the severity of an impact on a vehicle and its occupants when colliding with it. However, you may wonder what is the purpose of a guardrail if it is just another object that can be hit by cars? Yes, though it is an obstacle that can be struck by a straying vehicle, its installation prevents the vehicle from hitting an unforgiving object behind the rail. That is its safety purpose. A tree, wall, or another unyielding static object cannot absorb and distribute the kinetic energy of an impact the same way. In such an instance, the vehicle occupants bear the full impact and severe or fatal injuries can result.

It serves to redirect a straying vehicle back into its original travel path. It is also installed at dangerous curves in the road to prevent vehicles from going over cliffs, down slopes, or into bodies of water. With such rails installed, motorists also have more confidence, as the sides of the road are clearly marked and protected. Motorists know that protection is available on the side of the road and are less likely to drive as close as possible to the median line on a mountain pass. This is important, as median clustering increases the risk of head-on collisions.

We understand what the purpose of a guardrail is and as such, manufacture them to be durable, safe as, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Give us a call for more information regarding our range of road-safety products made for South African road conditions.