We provide a range of steel products for the mining, construction, engineering, and roadwork industries. Our offering includes corrugated pipes and galvanised steel beams. One of our steel products is the charcoal kiln.

Types of Charcoal Kilns

Various types of charcoal kilns are used. The most-used types are made of brick and steel, allowing high charcoal yields. Charcoal kilns must be extremely strong to withstand the elements and robust to ensure they can be used for loading and offloading several times a day. The material from which the charcoal kilns are made play an integral role in their strength. An important requirement for mobile units – charcoal kilns that must be transported – is that the material from which the kilns are made must be lightweight, and it is imperative that such charcoal kilns can be used in any weather conditions. The cylindrical metal kilns originated in the thirties. The thickness of the metal is important, in addition to the type of metal used. With transportable charcoal kilns, 3-mm thick sheet steel is used for making the top and bottom parts. The advantages of this material is its strength, longevity, ease of handling, and versatility. These charcoal kilns are available in the following sizes: 12, 11, 9, and 6 m.

Corrugated Steel Pipe Provides Superb Strength and Integrity

Apart from charcoal kilns, the mining, construction, and road-construction industries make use of our corrugated and galvanised steel products. The corrugated steel pipes available from us are extremely strong and they will not fail because of vibrations or under heavy loads, thanks to the high ring compression of the pipes that allow for the effective absorption and transfer of the loads experienced across the whole circumference of the pipe. Another feature that adds to the credentials of these particular steel products is their beam strength that provides for superb structural integrity. These corrugated pipes are used in water-drainage applications and with road culverts and mining tunnels. The products are lightweight, ensuring easier installation, and come in various sizes and thicknesses. We offer everything from pipe-arch profiles to round pipe designs suitable for relining existing tunnels or culverts. The corrugated steel pipes are used in applications ranging from ventilation systems and fish passages to overcasts, drainage systems, storm water systems, and more.

Hot-Dip Galvanisation

We provide hot-dipped galvanised steel beams and related metal products to the above-mentioned industries. Galvanisation vastly increases the lifespan of steel products by protecting the steel against corrosion. When steel is exposed to oxygen, it oxidises and corrodes. With galvanisation, the steel is coated with a protective zinc layer. As such, the underlying steel is protected against oxygen and moisture. Even if the zinc coat is scratched, the underlying steel surface is still protected. We use hot-dip galvanisation, which is a process whereby cleaned steel is dipped in a bath of hot, molten zinc that completely covers the surface and edges of the steel.

How Zinc Protects

The zinc bonds with the steel surface and as the zinc hardens, it creates an extremely strong barrier against the elements. When zinc gets in contact with oxygen, it forms zinc oxide, which reacts with carbon dioxide to form zinc carbonate. This zinc carbonate has a distinct greyish colour. It protects the underlying surface and prevents it from corroding – or at least helps to slow down the process of corrosion significantly.

Why Use Corrugated Steel Pipes

Cylindrical pipes can be insufficiently strong to deal with weight loads, unless the pipes have compressed rings. The compressed rings ensure that the weight loads are carried by the entire circumference of the pipe. This allows for an equal distribution of the weight and as such, the pipes can handle very high loads of soil on top, as required when used as culverts or mine tunnels.

Whether you need corrugated steel pipes or galvanised steel beams, Armco Superlite can provide the products you need for your applications, ranging from steel for charcoal kilns to corrugated pipes for culverts.