Armco Superlite is one of the leading galvanising companies in Gauteng. Not many rivals can boast two state-of-the-art galvanising kettles in one province but we can. Our kettles range from 5,2 to 13,2 m in size. The latter is specifically for large structural projects. Both the plants are SANS 121/ISO 1461-certified, according to the requirements of the Hot Dip Galvanising Mark Scheme.

In addition, our quality-management system (QMS) is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This means that we have all the necessary checks and balances in place to ensure sustained high quality throughout the entire galvanisation process. Regular management reviews and ongoing improvements form part of staying compliant with the ISO 9001 QMS requirements. As such, your business has the assurance of SANS and ISO compliance in all our processes.

Our two plants in Gauteng are located at Isando and Randfontein. The Isando plant has been in operation since the late ’80s and it has been designed and equipped to handle structural steel galvanisation of up to 13 m in length. The plant handles, on average, 2000 t of steel every month. Our service offering at the plant also sets us apart from other galvanising companies in Gauteng because we make use of polyurethane-coated slings to load the galvanised products. This helps to minimise the risk of damage during handling procedures.

The Randfontein plant handles, on average, 800 t of steel every month. The plant is equipped to process light, medium, and heavy structural steel of up to 6 m in length. It boasts a superb turnaround time, putting us in the lead when it comes to the speed of our service.

View our full product offering and get in touch to discuss your particular galvanisation needs in the province and discover why we set the benchmark for all the other galvanising companies in Gauteng.