The Benefits of Using Certified Galvanizers

Galvanizing steel before incorporating metal into any construction project is a process that is highly recommended by most professionals in the industry today. Ideally, all steel parts that are necessary to complete any project should be galvanized. If correctly and professionally applied, this process has tremendous benefits to both the contractors and the structure being built.

That said, hot-dipped galvanizing is not simply a process of submerging steel products into a hot bath of zinc. There are specific guidelines and procedures set out by international and national organisations and standards authorities that need to be followed to produce the perfect product. If you are looking for quality galvanized steel, you would be well advised to only procure your products through approved galvanization professionals. As certified galvanizers, Armco Superlite, which is based in Gauteng, South Africa, discuss why it is so important to enlist professional galvanizers for the job.

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Why Use Only Certified Galvanizers when Galvanizing Steel   

In reality, not all galvanizers are equally proficient. For example, an uninformed galvanizing company may not understand the limitations of the zinc coating thickness and may apply too thick a layer. This may increase the stress between the steel and zinc layers and induce flaking which may result in fracturing or chipping under handling or during installation.

An excellent measure of proficiency is to ensure that a company holds the necessary certifications, including the SATAS mark for Hot Dipped Galvanizing, which should be supplied on request.


7 Benefits of Using Accredited Professionals

Enlisting accredited galvanizers will ensure that you receive the experience and expertise you deserve. You will also enjoy these benefits:


  1. Precise Application: Professionally applied galvanization forms a metallurgical structure which offers outstanding resistance to damage during the transportation, construction, and installation phases.


  1. Complete Coverage: Every part of a well-galvanized item is completely protected. Including screw threads, crevices, recesses, sides and corners, ensuring that maintenance remains minimal.


  1. Additional Protection: If the surface is scratched or damaged, the galvanized coating corrodes faster than the steel it is protecting. It offers sacrificial protection which shields the base metal from corrosion.


  1. Low Initial Investment: Galvanizing requires a lower initial cost investment than most anti-corrosion applications which are usually labour-intensive. With fewer labour costs, initial investments are low.


  1. Minimal Long-Term Costs: If hot-dipped correctly, the steel construction offers minimal long-term maintenance, even in concealed or hard-to-reach crevices. Year-on-year, without inflation-related labour and product costs related to repairs and upkeep, the initial investment is recouped.


  1. Peace of Mind: To remain accredited, galvanizers need to conform to various regulatory bodies and be open to random inspection by the authorities. If they carry the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), South African National Standards (SANS) or the South African Technical Auditing stamps of approval, you can have complete peace of mind that you will be procuring products that may last for up to 80 years.


  1. Sustained Quality: Once accredited with these esteemed badges of approval, suppliers will want to sustain the accolades and credentials that they have earned. This guarantees that you receive the best quality products today and sustainably into the future.


Superior Quality Galvanized Products

Galvanizing Plant Randfontein

At Armco Superlite, we have been supplying superior-quality galvanized products for more than thirty years.

Our Isando galvanizing plant has been operating since 1989. We can accommodate heavy structural steel up to 13m long with an output of around 2000 tons per month. Our equally impressive Randfontein plant has an average output of 800 tons per month and can accommodate light to medium structural steel of up to 6m.

Armco Superlite is an accredited galvanizer listed in accordance with the BSI ISO 9001:2015 quality scheme ensuring only the best products are produced in our plants. Additionally, Armco holds the SATAS mark of Hot Dipped Galvanizing and all our galvanized products adhere to the SANS 121 / ISO 1461 specifications.

If your supplier does not boast these accreditations, perhaps it is time you armed yourself with Armco.

Randfontein Armco Galvanization Plant

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