Stockpile tunnels are designed for the reclaiming of minerals at mines. As such, these tunnels must be extremely strong, durable, and able to carry considerable weight. Stockpile tunnels may also be used to feed minerals to the conveyer belts for transportation to the relevant areas. Flexibility in design is therefore important, since slight curving may be required. To ensure cost-effectiveness, corrugated steel pipes are often used as stockpile tunnels, though they are also widely used as culverts and drainage systems. What makes corrugated steel pipe advantageous is its design, which is similar to that of the layering used in a cardboard box to stiffen the structure.

The steel can be treated to last even longer than the normal 25 years; in fact, such corrugated steel pipe stockpile tunnels can have lifespans well beyond 25 years. The corrugated steel is also much lighter than concrete. As such, it is easier to transport and install. The pipes for the stockpile tunnels are manufactured at our manufacturing plant and the various sections are then delivered to the site. As such, the engineers save time installing the tunnels and shorter installation times translate into cost savings. Fewer workers are needed to install the pipes and since there is no need for special heavy machinery to move the pipes into position, the cost of renting the required cranes is also reduced. Galvanised corrugated steel has the benefit that it is corrosion-resistant. The galvanisation process entails the dipping of the steel in hot molten zinc. The zinc forms a protective layer over the steel and protects it from oxidation and thus rusting. The zinc sacrifices itself and ensures that the underlying surface stays rust-free and in good condition for years to come.

Sustainability in building, construction, and mining has become extremely important over the past decade. In order to ensure more sustainable operations, it is essential that the materials used for stockpile tunnels will last for years and do not require the use of too many scarce resources. Low maintenance is also important, as is longevity. The corrugated steel pipes for culverts and stockpile tunnels meet all the requirements of low maintenance, a lower dependence on scarce resources in the manufacturing of the stockpile tunnels, and longevity. As such, the total lifecycle benefits of corrugated steel pipes for stockpile tunnels make such pipes ideally suited and sustainable products.

Low maintenance costs on any equipment are essential, especially in the mining industry where mines often operate on thin profit margins. The corrugated steel pipes are protected against corrosion and they can also be used as culverts. In this application, the easy and cost-effective installation of the culverts makes it possible to improve the flow of the water and therefore the drainage, without having to impose road closures for an extended period due to construction work. The corrugated steel pipes used for stockpile tunnels are manufactured to the highest safety, quality, and structural standards and the products are factory tested. This completely eliminates the need for on-site testing.

Why Buy Stockpile Tunnels from Armco Superlite

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Our head office is located in Johannesburg, in the suburb of Isando, just 5 km from O.R. Tambo International Airport. We have established business relationships with many contractors and our brand is well-known thanks to our commitment to manufacturing high-quality products. Our teams are committed employees and we are focused on quality in all we do. View our full range of products and call us to discuss the options available for stockpile tunnels.