As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we supply everything from traffic delineators and guardrails to end-terminals and crash-cushion systems, to name only a few of our products. Below is a brief introduction to our flexible and Dura-Post® delineators, in addition to the road-safety cones available from us.

Traffic Delineators

As their name suggests, traffic delineators are temporarily installed to direct vehicles away from roadside hazards. Also referred to as hazard markers – specifically in reference of their function – traffic delineators are highly visible. Reflective strips enable maximum visibility of these flexible blade-type delineators in poor light. The direction of the stripes indicates the side on which motorists should expect the hazards – and which side to pass. Traffic delineators are often used to indicate where lanes merge or separate. In some cases, the delineators serve to show the narrowing of lanes and thus channel the traffic into the appropriate lanes. Since roadwork poses several hazards to road users, it is essential to place traffic delineators to mark the hazards and redirect vehicles onto the correct paths. With roadwork being temporary, it is essential to use delineators that can be moved, installed, replaced, and removed quickly without the need for special equipment. The more time workers spend placing or removing traffic delineators, the higher the risk of accidents or injuries. It is thus imperative that such temporary delineators be lightweight in design for easy portability. The lightweight design is essential also to prevent serious damage to vehicles driving into the hazard markers.

However, being lightweight in design poses the challenge of how to keep the delineators from being blown over by the wind gusts caused by passing traffic or from strong winds associated with adverse weather. In order to ensure that the units do not cause damage to vehicles, have optimal functionality and easy deployment, yet stay upright in the wind, our temporary and flexible traffic delineators feature blades connected to sturdy, heavy bases. Sandbags can also be used to hold the bases down and prevent the delineators from being blown over or away. The blades of these delineators are flexible and soft enough to prevent more than superficial damage to vehicles upon impact. In addition, their design provides for a bending action. When hit, the blade can bend over backwards and flip back to the upright position after an impact. This flexible design ensures that these traffic delineators can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

Apart from blade-based temporary traffic delineators, we supply the Dura-Post® Delineator. It is a delineator made to withstand many impacts from any angle. After each impact, the post simply returns to the upright position, similar to the blade-type delineator. It can withstand more than 200 direct impacts at 97 km/h. The Dura-Post® Delineator is also highly visible. Dura-Post® Delineator systems are used in permanent applications. Installation is also quick. The posts have bases that are attached to the road surface using quick-set epoxy. With a small footprint, the posts take up little road space. They do not have protruding metal parts, adding to their safety profile. With the 1-piece post construction, the risk of a section detaching and causing a road hazard is essentially eliminated. We offer these traffic delineators in highly reflective yellow. The delineators are ultraviolet-resistant, ensuring their longevity and thus the lowest possible cost to the road infrastructure provider. The posts are visible from any side and can withstand temperature extremes.

Traffic Cones

Apart from temporary delineators and Dura-Post® delineators, we offer a range of traffic cones. The cones are also made from a reflective material to ensure optimal visibility in all conditions. Like the delineators, the cones are lightweight for easy deployment and transportation. In addition, they have a hollow design, allowing for easy stacking for storage and transportation purposes. The cones are treated to be UV-resistant and will thus last in South Africa’s harsh summer sun. They are used to redirect traffic and indicate merging or separating lanes, hazards, and areas where roadwork is in progress, such as where the road surface is being painted.

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