With the cost of construction and engineering projects always a concern, it is easy to fall into the trap of buying unprotected steel and then coating it with the appropriate protective paint to prevent rusting and degrading. However, galvanising specialists in South Africa adhere to strict international and national standards in terms of the method of galvanisation and the testing for compliance with the standards. As such, you have the guarantee of uniform coatings, tested products, and superb protection of the materials to use in your particular project.

Advantages of The Hot-Dip galvanisation Processes

Unprotected steel rusts when it comes into contact with water, corroding agents, and oxygen. With steel used for applications such as culverts, pipelines, and other infrastructure, it is imperative that the material lasts for many years. The hot-dip galvanisation process applied by standards-accredited South African specialists entails a thorough cleaning of the steel to remove debris, oil, and other substances that can prevent the proper bonding of the zinc coat with the steel.

The steel is then dipped in a bath of hot, molten zinc, allowing every part of the material to be covered. The thickness is predetermined, ensuring a uniform coating. Due to the process followed, the zinc bonds metallurgically with the steel. This creates an extremely strong bond and protective layer. Should the surface be scratched, the zinc sacrifices itself instead of the steel being corroded. If the surface damage is significant, the zinc prevents horizontal creeping of the damage. Galvanising specialists in South Africa adhere to the SANS 121:2011 standard in testing the thickness and weight of the zinc coating. Quality is thus guaranteed with every hot-dipped product. The process is straightforward. With the hot-dip method, even the corners and edges are fully covered and thus protected. Below are the top reasons why companies buy galvanised steel for their projects from galvanising specialists in South Africa:

  • Cost-effectiveness of the metal. Treatment of metal before use is essential to protect it against premature rusting and thus a loss of integrity. However, some treatment processes take longer and are more expensive. Purchasing untreated metal means having to apply a protective layer. The metal is already compromised and extra preparation is needed. This adds to the cost factor. Pretreated metal covered in protective paint, whether applied by brush or sprayed, costs more than galvanised steel. When it thus comes to the best material at the most affordable price for large projects, hot-dipped galvanised steel leads the pack.
  • No need for treatment on site. The galvanising specialists in South Africa can customise products to meet their clients’ requirements. Products are already protected and can be formed into the appropriate structures. This helps to reduce the time needed to prepare and protect the materials on site before installation or use. Cost and time savings are thus achieved when using hot-dipped galvanised steel, especially if the products are already manufactured according to the client’s needs or standardised requirements.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Once the steel is galvanised, it doesn’t need any other treatments for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The matt-silver colour is pleasing on the eye and the product can thus be used as is. The colour combines well with any other colour, making it easy for galvanised steel products to blend in with their surroundings.
  • Exceptional durability. Consistent and measurable performance of a product used in construction and engineering projects is essential for safety, cost control, maintenance, and environmental sustainability reasons. To this effect, buying hot-dip galvanised steel from galvanising specialists in South Africa makes it possible to obtain properly tested products that meet specific strength and durability standards. With the zinc bonding metallurgically with the steel, the product gains long-lasting protection. Such products can last at least 25 years – and longer.
  • Self-healing properties. The zinc sacrifices itself when the protective surface is scratched, protecting the steel. Even after the surface has been damaged, the steel is not compromised. As such, these products are low on maintenance as opposed to protectively painted or sprayed steel products that must be coated every few years.
  • Protection of the entire surface. Paint and other coats applied through spraying or by paintbrush often thin out at corners and edges. With hot-dip galvanisation, the entire object is dipped and every crack, edge, crevice, and corner well-covered.
  • No time elapses between protection and use. The products delivered by the galvanising specialists in South Africa are already hot-dipped and cured. Products can be installed immediately, whereas untreated ones must be coated first – this means a time delay before a project can be completed.
  • Straightforward inspection process. To determine if the product on site is damaged or compromised, an easy visual inspection can detect any damage. With no parts of the steel exposed to corrosion, the inspection process can be quick.
  • Custom appearance is possible. If the galvanised appearance is not preferred, it is possible to powder coat the product, adding an additional protective layer to the steel. This can be done where it is essential that the metal products fit a specific style.
  • Many applications. Quality hot-dipped galvanised products can be used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to culverts, mine ventilation shafts, balconies, vehicle components, HVAC, rainwater tanks, roof systems, bridges, infrastructure support and more.

In summary, hot-dipped galvanisation provides the perfect protection for steel. Zinc corrodes extremely slowly, meaning that, even if the surface is scratched, the product still has a long lifetime. The products are strong and cost-effective, also when compared to stainless steel products. Everything from pipelines and rainwater tanks to culverts and the like are made from galvanised steel, as available from the galvanising specialists in South Africa.

Why Buy Specifically from the Foremost Galvanising Specialists in South Africa

Purchasing locally benefits the South African economy and helps to support jobs. In addition, these companies adhere to strict SABS requirements and the quality is thus assured. Purchasing locally is also more cost-effective than importing products. The fast turnaround time from such specialists makes it possible to order products for urgent projects without the delay between the ordering, shipment, and installation. Imports can take months and the prices of the products are directly affected by oil prices and the exchange rates at the time.

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