Galvanization in Gauteng. The Ultimate Solution for Long-Lasting Steel Protection

When investigating galvanization in Gauteng, specifically when it comes to galvanizing heavy structural steel, there is only one logical solution. The professional team of galvanizers at Armco Superlite have been dominating the local, national, and international marketplaces in the industry for decades. Our attention to detail, innovative practices, service excellence, and superior galvanized products have gained us international notoriety with a footprint deep into Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our specialised, modern techniques of enclosing steel-based products in a thin film of zinc to complete the galvanizing process and then handling the finished product with care, have ensured that our reputation of producing world-class galvanized steel is only superseded by our exceptional service. Our certified galvanized products may last up to 80 years or more with very little maintenance. And that is why we are the industry leaders in galvanization in Gauteng, South Africa and Africa.


Galvanization in Gauteng – A Hot Dip Above the Rest  

Our international ties and affiliations with our clients and partners in the mining, construction, and road safety industries have resulted in the need to accommodate many types of steel. From steel culverts and tunnels to W-beam guardrails, we can accommodate it all. And this is principally due to our plant in Isando for galvanization in Gauteng.

Hot Dip Galvanization Plant Isando

Armco Galvanizers, Isando, Gauteng, South Africa

It is from here that we can ensure world-class galvanized steel. Our Isando branch has been the king of galvanization in Gauteng since 1989. Here, we specifically cater to the accommodation of heavy structural steel of up to 13m in length and 1.45m wide in a hot-dipped galvanizing bath of 2m deep. Additionally, we are proud to say that Isando has an average output of approximately 2000 tons per month.

That said, we offer our expert services to any client, customer, or contractor. There is no job too large or too small. For smaller and lighter loads, we also have Armco Galvanizers Randfontein. This is our second facility based in the Randfontein, Gauteng. This plant can accommodate light to medium structural steel of up to 6m long and 1.45m wide in a hot-dip bath of 1.8m in depth. Our Randfontein plant has an average output of approximately 800 tons per month.


Only Use Certified Galvanizers in Gauteng

Hot-dipped galvanizing is not as simple as it appears. There are scientific processes that need to be followed. Specific guidelines and procedures are set out by national and international organisations and standards authorities that need to be followed to produce the perfect galvanized product. These measures are strictly policed at Armco to ensure that quality is never sacrificed for quantity and items are carefully inspected before leaving either of our production plants. If you are looking for quality galvanized steel that may very well last for 80 years and more, we advise that you only use certified galvanizers.

Galvanizers Gauteng

Armco Sets the Standard

At Armco Superlite, we remain forerunners in our industry because our professional galvanization team members are as fastidious about the handling process and meeting required targets and timeous delivery as they are about superior quality.

We are listed in accordance with the BSI ISO 9001:2015 quality scheme that ensures the quality of all products and services produced by us at Armco Superlite. Specific customer quality plans are drawn up where required for any of our operations. Additionally, we hold the SATAS mark for hot-dipped galvanizing and all galvanizing done at our premises is in accordance with the SANS 121 / ISO 1461 specifications.


Arm Yourself with Armco

At Armco Superlite, we consistently conform to the various regulatory bodies that regulate our industry and invite random quality inspections by these authorities. This has ensured that we have been awarded many new projects throughout Africa. We pride ourselves on maintaining the stamps of approval of the three regulatory bodies, namely ISO, SABS, and SANS year on year.

Whether it is mild- or heavy-duty structural steel, if you need it galvanized, consult with us for a quotation. Arm yourself with the leaders in galvanizing.


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