Internationally Renowned Galvanizing Plants in Gauteng

Whether it’s been in the construction, building, mining or automotive industries, we have all seen the devastating results of oxidation. It is therefore comforting to know, that South Africa has an internationally recognised galvanizing plant, in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Having access to a reputable, locally-based galvanizing plant has many advantages. Hot dip galvanizing is far cheaper than alternative products. Its low maintenance saves on long-term costs and it offers exemplary protection to damaged areas. It extends the lifespan of the metal, is more reliable than other coatings and it offers outstanding resistance to mechanical damage.

Armco Superlite are hot dip galvanizers based in Gauteng. We bring international standards and cutting-edge technology right to your doorstep. Even though we may have international interests and are involved with projects all over Africa, we still have time to lend our expertise to local contractors, medium-sized businesses and major South African concerns.


Galvanizing Plant Randfontein

Do it Right – Be Armed with Armco Superlite

Armco Superlite is internationally recognised for its superior galvanized products. This is because we believe that, quality and quantity should meet at one of only two points. Those points are at one of our two operating galvanizing plants in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our plants are certified with the SANS 121 / ISO 1461 Hot Dip Galvanizing Mark Scheme and are also listed under the BSI ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.

We have two galvanizing kettles stationed at Isando and Randfontein respectively. These kettles each have their specialities, specifically designed and dependent on our customers’ needs and requirements. Our galvanizing department is exceptionally well prepared. We have a fleet of eight-ton trucks as well as horse and trailer teams for the transportation of goods to and from the Galvanizer.


Our Two Specialised Galvanizing Operations in Johannesburg

  1. Armco’s Isando Galvanizing Plant – has been in operation since 1989. Isando has an average output of 2000 tons per month and is equipped to accommodate heavy structural steel to 13m in length. An improved laydown area and increased loading capacity allow us to deliver service excellence to all our customers, regardless of order size or quantity. To minimize post-production handling damage, Isando’s loading bay is equipped with only Poly Urethane coated slings, ensuring the best quality finished product is delivered to our clients.
  2. Armco’s Randfontein Galvanizing Plant – is based to the west of Johannesburg. It is equipped to accommodate light to medium structural steel up to 6m in length and averages a production output of 800 tons per month. This is the second point where both quality and quantity meet. Our outstanding quality is not substituted by our quick turnaround time. The result is that Armco Randfontein hot dip galvanizers deliver service excellence on time, every time at competitive prices.


Exemplary Name – Unchallenged Reputation – Excellence in Service Delivery

Our products meet all the relevant manufacturing standards at competitive prices. Additionally, our proud membership of, and association with both, the Hot Dipped Galvanizing Association of South Africa as well as the South African Steel Institute of Construction gives our clients added peace of mind. However, being compliant, and associated with leaders in our industry, does not mean trust has been earned.

At Armco Superlite, we believe that our name and reputation are unchallenged. With our footprint firmly entrenched in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, we have earned respect through our service excellence. We have spent almost thirty-five years tirelessly delivering these three mantra’s so well, that we have earned trust. Our impressive portfolio of completed projects spans the African continent across an array of industries, leaving in our wake, the satisfied trust of our previous and repeat clientele.

Should you need assistance with a galvanizing project that you may be busy with, associate yourself with the trusted brand name of Armco Superlite. Regardless of the size or the quantity, we will deliver our trusted quality. We have worked hard to earn it. Watch how hard we work to keep it. Be prepared. Be safe. Be armed with Armco Superlite.


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