Guardrail Suppliers: Ensuring Compliance and Meeting Standards

Looking for the best guardrail suppliers in South and Sub-Saharan Africa? At Armco Superlite, we meet the standards and are fully compliant. We meet all the rules and regulations set down by SABS, SANS, and the ISO regulatory bodies governing the manufacture of guardrails globally. But what assurance do these acronyms provide for road safety contractors and why should you choose Armco guardrails?

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Laying Down the Law for Guardrail Suppliers

Road users, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike feel safer when dangerous sections of the road have guardrails in place. However, to protect these members of the public adequately, the structure needs to meet certain criteria. Therefore, regulatory bodies are put in place to measure the quality of its construction.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has a testing division in line with South African National Standards (SANS) standards, which governs many industries, including the construction industry. In turn, these standards meet and comply with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards. The ISO is an international standard development organisation composed of representatives from the national standards organisations of more than 160 member countries, of which, South Africa’s SABS is a member.

This permits guardrail suppliers who have these stamps of approval to work both nationally and internationally while conforming to ISO-, SABS-, and SANS-specified regulations. The quality of workmanship in the production and manufacture of these products are randomly and regularly tested to ensure that these high standards are met and maintained.


What Do These Approvals Mean for Road Safety Contractors?

SANS 1350 regulations pertain specifically to the guardrails and their construction. They need to be soft enough to be malleable to bend in the event of a collision but strong enough to distribute and redirect the subsequent kinetic energy. Additionally, they need to be manufactured to the approved specifications.

  • SANS 457: As with the specifications for the guardrails themselves, the posts that support them need also to comply with regulations. The height, diameter, and treatment of the wooden posts should ensure quality and longevity.
  • SANS 121 / ISO 1461: These regulations concern the production of the galvanization of steel for certified galvanizers. If the contractor wishes to protect the steel guardrail for 80 years or more, they should consider using only certified galvanizers.

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Why Choose Armco Guardrails?

When selecting guardrail suppliers, it is advisable to select ones that have achieved international recognition for their products and services. When it comes to W-Beam guardrails, our guardrails have gained international acceptance because they:

  • Mark the limit of road-edge safe travel and warn of danger
  • Reduce centreline crowding by increasing side-edge driver confidence
  • Restrain and guide out-of-control vehicles
  • Are highly effective at night due to reflective delineators

The guardrail itself, known as a W-beam guardrail because of its unique alphabetical “W’ shape should be considered because:

  • It is available in 3.81m and 4m effective lengths.
  • Special lengths are available on request and consultation.
  • Individual sections of the guardrail can be curved to fit a radius from 3m to 45m.
  • It is manufactured in line with SANS 1350 specifications.
  • Standard end and bullnose end wings are available for end protection.
  • It is available either in a hot-dip galvanized to SANS 121 / ISO 1461 or an uncoated version.
  • Our galvanization plants in both Isando and Roodepoort carry the SATAS mark of approval.
  • Installation guidelines are available on request.

Our W-beam guardrails are supported by:

  • Standard timber guardrail posts, which are 1800mm long and 150-175mm in diameter
  • Bevelled and domed top edges
  • Steel posts that are manufactured to customer specifications
  • Creosoted, which helps to preserve the timber
  • Timber posts that conform to SANS 457 specifications


For Best Results – Choose Armco

At Armco Superlite, we have been producing, manufacturing, and supplying internationally renowned road safety equipment for decades. Through our extensive list of globally-recognised clientele, partners, and mining and construction contracting companies, we have carved a footprint deep into Sub-Saharan Africa with our top-quality products. Whether you are investigating either standard or galvanized guardrail suppliers, arm yourself with Armco Superlite guardrails. We are waiting for your call.

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