Considering the importance of a highway crash barrier, it is essential to purchase quality materials from guardrail suppliers you can trust. But finding one amongst the many manufacturers in the market supplying products suitable for South African roads can be difficult. To make it easier, follow the tips below when selecting guardrail suppliers:

  • Range of services and products. Select a manufacturer that offers a wide range of road-safety products in addition to construction-related steel materials. This way, you can purchase all your road-construction and safety products from a single supplier, helping you to save money without compromising on quality. You don’t have to place orders at several manufacturers and can thus improve project planning, since it is easier to schedule delivery of the items at the right time. As such, you reduce the administrative burden of ordering.
  • Product quality. The barriers must be manufactured according to specific international and SANS standards. To this end, purchase from a manufacturer that can provide you with specifications and proof of compliance with the standard requirements. The safety of road users depends on the quality and performance of the rails.
  • Never compromise on quality for the sake of cost-savings. As tempting as it can be to purchase from the manufacturer with the lowest prices, rather purchase quality products from a reliable manufacturer. Buying cheap can mean substandard materials and an inability of the manufacturer to supply at the required time.
  • Buy local. Imports come with several complications. Instead of having to deal with such problems, purchase from one of the local guardrail suppliers. In this way, you also have assurance of after-sales service, ongoing support, and warranties.
  • Reputation of excellence. Review the company’s website and social-media pages. Their history and reputation can provide you with insight as to the quality and reliability you can expect.

Armco Superlite in South Africa meets and exceeds every requirement and is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best of the guardrail suppliers in South Africa.