Traffic delineators serve to warn motorists and pedestrians of imminent danger and to guide them safely around any such danger. For the most part, these devices are temporary warnings, though the reflective traffic delineators found on W-beam guardrails are made from steel and are permanent. The type found on W-beams can be D- or V-shaped and are highly reflective in poor light and at night. They simply warn motorists of the presence of the guardrail. This type of guardrail is most often installed on sharp curves in the road, on mountain passes to prevent cars going over the side of a cliff, and on bridges over other roads or bodies of water.

Traffic delineators, such as the so-called cat’s eyes, are found on road surfaces and act to warn of changes in road conditions. Blade-type temporary traffic delineators, such as the black-and-yellow ones available from us, are made for quick and easy deployment at road hazards. They show which side the hazards are and on which side to pass. Motorists could drive right over the blade types, as the units serve to visually guide and warn rather than to physically prevent movement into hazardous areas. The blade type is made from durable materials. The blades, or panels, are attached to bases and have swivel action. If one is hit by a vehicle, the blade bends backwards without breaking and returns to the upright position after the impact. The blades are made to withstand repeated impacts. They are designed to be cost-effective, so should a blade be seriously damaged, it can be replaced very quickly. Their light weight makes it possible to deploy them without any special equipment. When stored, the delineators take up very little space and when deployed, they also have a small footprint.

Reflective traffic delineators are all made to take up as little space as possible when in use. They are highly visible, regardless of light conditions. Such devices are frequently deployed where lanes are temporarily allocated for other uses such as for bicycle or bus lanes. Modern traffic-delineator posts have been designed specifically to be light in weight and highly visible. The original types were made from metal, concrete, or wood and were heavy and, therefore, also difficult to deploy. Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible to manufacture the products we have today, which are weather-resistant, easy to install, durable, and lightweight. Due to these characteristics, the delineator posts are now widely deployed on South African roads to demarcate paths and to guide motorists and warn them of hazards.

Thanks to the advanced materials from which these posts are made, it is possible to deploy them where vehicles travel at high speeds. An important consideration is that, upon a vehicle’s impact with such a device, the vehicle should not suffer much damage. Because such road-safety products are often temporarily needed to warn motorists and improve road safety, it makes sense that they should weigh as little as possible and be specifically designed to inflict as little damage as possible to impacting vehicles. These units greatly improve safety on our roads. Contemporary traffic-delineator posts are made from materials such as plastic and polymers and can withstand multiple impacts before they need to be replaced. They are, of course, highly visible and they are made to be as cost-effective as possible to encourage their widespread use by road-construction companies and authorities. A wide range of colours and sizes is available to suit various applications.

As a manufacturer and distributor of premium-quality and extremely durable road-safety and traffic-regulating products in South Africa, we are also a proud supplier of the Dura-Post® delineator. The device’s design and the materials used in its construction enable it to withstand 200 impacts at 97 km/h. It can thus withstand multiple high-speed impacts and quickly return to the upright position after each impact. With fast placement on the road surface possible, the risk of accidents is reduced while this is in progress. We supply these traffic delineators in yellow. They are UV-resistant and in one piece, ensuring no loose, protruding parts. The posts can withstand temperatures as low as -60 °C and offer 360-degree visibility.

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