As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we provide an extensive range of high-quality and durable products including orange cones, water-filled barriers, wire-rope systems, and more. We briefly introduce some of the products, such as our orange cones and the like, to give you a better indication of the extensiveness and quality of our product portfolio.

Orange Cones

Best known by names such as traffic cones or pylons, the orange cones as available from us have two important functions:

  • They warn of imminent danger or changes.
  • They redirect vehicle or foot traffic.

The bright orange cones are designed specifically for temporary applications at roadwork sites, accident scenes, pedestrian crossings, parking lots, and events. The cones are available in bright colours, such as red, yellow, or orange. It is possible to add reflective strips to the cones as well, to make them even more visible, especially at night. However, the bright orange colour, for instance, is already highly reflective and therefore already highly visible in all light conditions. The cones are designed for:

  • Quick placement.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Easy storage.

The pylons are designed to be hollow on the inside with strong and heavy bases to prevent them from easily blowing over in windy conditions. The hollow design allows for easy stacking of the orange cones when they are not in use or when they are being transported. This helps to reduce the space that is needed for storage and transportation. The hollow design also makes the pylons lightweight enough for easy deployment and handling. With their heavy bases, the cones remain stable and upright, even in bad weather conditions. UV-resistant ink is used to colour the PVC pylons. This helps to ensure their durability. We offer both heavy-base and soft orange cones.

Speed Ramps

Motorists often speed in residential areas, parking lots, and around schools. To ensure the safety of pupils, pedestrians, and other road users, it is imperative to apply measures that can help minimise speeding. To this end, we provide speed ramps made from tough recycled thermoplastic. We supply the ramps in pairs, consisting of one black and one yellow per pair. We also provide ramp end caps in black or yellow. These ramps can be placed in residential estates, at office parks, at access gates, and in parking lots.

Dura-Post® Delineators

In addition to speed ramps and orange traffic cones, we supply our highly visible Dura-Post® delineators. These posts are available in yellow for maximum visibility. The posts can be installed on roads where you want to dedicate a specific lane to bicycle, bus, or emergency vehicle traffic. Posts are installed at specific intervals to prevent vehicles in other lanes from using the dedicated lanes. The posts are designed to withstand multiple impacts. Their design furthermore makes it possible for the posts to flip back to the upright position directly after an impact. Because the posts give way upon impact, damage to the impacting vehicle is minimised or eliminated. The delineators have been tested to withstand over 200 impacts at 97 km/h. With their easy installation, workers installing the posts can do so quickly and thus reduce the risk of being injured while maintaining the road. The delineators do not have any protruding metal parts and thus have a very favourable safety profile.

Wire-Rope Safety Fence

The wire-rope safety fence available from us is a permanent safety barrier. The product complies with the new European CEN standards. Made for applications such as installation on freeways and other roads, the wire-rope fence system acts as a containment device to prevent straying vehicles from leaving the safe travel path.  We handle the installation of these systems, ensuring that the correct installation procedures are followed. Similar to a guardrail that absorbs and disburses impact energy across the length of the beam, the wire-rope fence does so through a cable-and-post system. It has a small road surface footprint, making it suitable for applications where road-surface space is limited. All the steel components in the system are galvanised to protect the steel from corrosion.

Whether you want road-safety products such as orange cones for temporary applications or need products that are permanently installed, get in touch with our sales team for advice on appropriate products for your application and needs.