Reasons Why Our Road Cone Products are So Popular with Our Clients

 With many types, sizes and colours of road cones available on the market, how do you choose the best one for your particular needs? Are all the same quality and why are our road pylon safety products so popular with our clients? Read on to discover interesting facts about pylons, their uses, the materials from which these are made, our range, and the three main reasons why our road cone products are so popular with our clients.

Uses for pylons heavy-based road cone

The pylon size, material from which it is manufactured, height and weight, the weight of the base and colour affect the applications for it. As such, careful consideration should go into the reason for purchasing road cone products. Below are some of the many types of applications:

Sport, events, social distancing and more

 For field sports applications where the pylons are used to indicate goals or fictional hazards, the pylons are normally smaller, lighter and can be in any colour. It’s still important that the pylons have some type of sun damage protection, but, because the time of outdoor use is usually limited, this feature is less important than, for instance, temporary use during road works.

For indoor applications, such as in a retail store or just outside it to indicate the appropriate points where people should stand while waiting to pay or enter the store, the pylons are lightweight and can be in any colour.

When it comes to event applications, whether the pylons are used indoors or outdoors makes a difference. The sizes required depend mostly on what the purpose of use is, such as to act as warnings for event attendees, to indicate areas they are not to access, or to demarcate ticket lines, etc. Here too, size depends on preference, the available space and the purpose. For outdoor applications, the pylons need to be protected against harsh sunlight to prevent the early fading of the colours. Here also, the choice of colour doesn’t particularly matter.

 Construction sites

 At construction sites, the pylons are used to indicate work areas or areas that workers should not enter. It’s imperative that the cones must be highly visible, durable and lightweight enough to be carried, yet they must have sufficiently large bases so that they can be held in place with sand or other types of bags.

Mines and large vehicle operating sites

Where large, high ground clearance vehicles operate, it’s imperative to have huge road cones that can be seen by the vehicle drivers. These types are known as monster-sized cones. These products feature heavy base designs, bright colours and are made of UV-resistant materials. The pylons are also used at loading docks to show truck drivers where to park, and more. High visibility is crucial. We offer monster-sized pylons specifically manufactured for durability, visibility, and stability. These pylons are used at mining sites, dam-building sites and construction sites where large vehicles operate.

Various road uses

For road uses, you need cones that are weather-resistant, made from exceptionally durable materials, feature heavy base designs to prevent them from being blown over, and are light enough to be deployed without requiring special equipment. Here are some uses for road applications:

Accident scenes

When used at accident scenes, the cones demarcate the drive space around the debris, vehicles involved, injured parties and emergency personnel. In these instances, high visibility, large sizes, stability and easy deployment are essential.

Road closures or temporary stop-and-go sections

The pylons are used to temporarily block off sections or indicate where motorists must stop and wait for the go-ahead sign. To improve visibility, the pylons must be high enough, brightly coloured and suitable for outdoor usage.

Roadblocks for traffic control

For this purpose, smaller-sized pylons and larger ones are deployed to show motorists where to park for vehicle inspection.

Vehicle driving schools and traffic test centres

Larger pylons are used for increased visibility to indicate the boundaries of parking spaces and to demarcate the areas to drive. It is also important that they are heavy enough to not be blown over by wind and are UV resistant.

Routine roadside and road maintenance projects

Where workers must, for instance, cut grass next to the road or paint the median lines, the pylons are placed to show motorists where not to drive.

Temporary paths

Often temporary lanes are created during peak hours for buses or emergency vehicles. For these, indicators are needed that can be placed quickly, are tall enough to be visible even when driving a high-clearance vehicle, and feature heavy bases to minimise the risk of being blown over by the wind from passing traffic. In these instances, the pylons serve two purposes. The one is to show motorists where to drive and the other is to indicate where not to drive.

Disability or VIP parking

 Large orange cones are placed in front of parking spots reserved for disabled or VIP vehicle occupants. In these instances, the pylons are used to reserve spaces. The pylons must be large enough to be visible and to require only one or two per parking spot.

Pedestrian crossings and to indicate temporary use of an area for a sporting event

Cyclists and athletes, as well as pedestrians, might have to use a section of the travel path temporarily. Quick deployment of indicators is essential to reduce the risk of incidents. Therefore, pylons are used as these don’t take up much horizontal space, can be stacked, deployed by one person without special equipment, moved to other spaces where needed, and can be highly visible.

Given the applications for pylons, it is clear that these road safety products must be:

  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Tall
  • UV-resistant
  • Brightly coloured
  • Take up little horizontal space

Armco Superlite’s orange cones meet these requirements. These three main reasons make our orange cone products popular with clients:

  • We offer options, including heavy base, standard and flow mold soft cones.
  • They are designed for easy deployment.
  • They are available in different sizes.
  1. Options of heavy base, standard and flow mold soft cones

The heavy-based option is perfect for outdoor use in windy conditions as these are exceptionally stable and able to stay upright, despite wind caused by passing vehicles. These pylons are also sizeable, made from brightly coloured material for maximum visibility and are durable enough to be used outdoors daily.

The standard type is orange and therefore highly visible in low-light conditions. With a smaller horizontal footprint than the heavy base product, it is well-suited for use in applications, such as accident scene control, demarcating lines at events, setting temporary lanes for cyclists and marking off painted areas.

The flow mold soft cone is also brightly coloured, perfect for indoor and field sports use, and exceptionally lightweight for quick deployment.

  1. Design for easy deployment

Each of the pylons has a hollow inner for easy stacking requiring less storage and transportation space. This hollow centre also makes the pylons easier to carry and deploy.

  1. We offer clients various sizes

Armco offers cones in various sizes with heights ranging from 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 750mm to 1,8m.

We supply in bulk to clients throughout South Africa and our prices are extremely competitive. In addition, clients benefit from our expert help in choosing the appropriate road safety products for their particular projects, including heavy base hard orange road cones and flow mold soft pylons. Our products meet specific manufacturing standards and are specially manufactured for the harsh operating conditions in South Africa.

View our range of orange pylons and download the brochure for specifications and detailed information about our products.