A speed ramp serves the function of forcing motorists to reduce their speed in order to avoid the harsh shock associated with driving too quickly over this type of traffic-calming road obstacle. As a supplier of a wide range of road-safety products, we also provide these highly effective speed ramps.

Where and Why to Install Such Speed Bumps

These traffic-regulating bumps help to minimise speeding in a residential area, conservation, or high-risk pedestrian area. An example of the effectiveness of such traffic-calming devices is the installation of traffic bumps in the Fisherhaven village near Hermanus. The community is known for the wild horses roaming freely between Fisherhaven and the Rooisand Conservation area. However, motorists from surrounding towns, as well as tourists not familiar with the groups of horses often walking in the streets, drive too fast and this has led to several of the horses being killed within only a few months. With only a small group left, the community applied for the installation of traffic-regulating measures. Bumps were installed, helping to enforce the speed limits as indicated by traffic signs on the main roads. This has been effective in preventing further incidents.

A speed ramp, however, is not always a large bump in the road. They can take the form of small, highly visible bumps suited for placement at boom gates to force motorists to slow down and wait for boom to lift. The devices are frequently installed in parking lots to enforce slower driving, especially since most nuisance collisions take place in parking lots. Such road-safety products must be durable and made from materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and corrosion. It is thus imperative to find a supplier, such as Armco Superlite, able to deliver the products made to meet strict international safety and quality standards. The units available from us as a trusted road-safety product supplier are made from extremely strong recycled thermoplastic.

As such, they can withstand harsh weather and are not at risk of rusting or corroding because they are made of thermoplastic. In addition, they have a reduced environmental footprint, since they are made from recycled materials. This is of particular importance for corporate office parks and residential estates that follow sustainable design and building practices. As a supplier, we provide installation guidelines. The units are available in pairs, one black and one yellow each. Here are some of the benefits of installing ramps:

  • Reduces the general travelling speed in residential areas, improving the safety of the streets for children, cyclists, and pedestrians crossing.
  • Suited for corporate park entrances to force vehicles to slow down and wait for a boom to lift.
  • Reduces the use of residential roads as thoroughfares, since the units are an inconvenience for motorists looking for shortcuts on roads that allow for speeding.
  • Reduces the use of the residential streets and so improves residents’ quality of life and lowers noise levels and hazardous vehicle emissions.
  • Provides for a cost-effective means to regulate traffic.
  • Improves the safety profile of pedestrian crossings, as motorists are forced to slow down.

Correct Installation Procedures Are Important

It is imperative to install ramps according to their supplier’s guidelines for the safety of all road users. Where such devices are installed in the shade of trees, make sure that they are highly visible and add warning signs before and at the units. Maintain them according to the supplier’s instructions as well because poorly maintained roads and road-safety products reduce their safety benefits and may even make a road more hazardous to use.

Only Install A Speed Ramp Where They Are Needed

Only install such ramps where they are really necessary, as their overuse can be a major inconvenience for the residents in a street or the users of an office park. Make sure the devices are properly affixed to the road surface. Consult with community members before asking the relevant authority to install the bumps and make sure an appropriate size is selected. The units must be highly visible also in poor weather and low light.

Where to Find A Speed Ramp

We are a supplier of a wide range of road-safety products in South Africa. Our clients range from developers to corporate entities, road-maintenance firms, mining houses, schools, and more. Make use of our product expertise and services. Call us for more information about our speed ramp offering.