Road Cone Colours: How Different Colours Influence Driver Behaviour


Arguably, one of the most recognisable traffic controllers on our roads today is the humble road cone, guiding and directing drivers to a safe destination. While the classic orange road cone is most commonly recognised, different colours can have varied impacts on driver behaviour. Understanding these nuances can significantly improve road safety.


At Armco Superlite, we pride ourselves on being the leading supplier of traffic cones and other superior-quality road safety equipment in southern Africa. In this article, we will investigate the traffic cone and how its different colours might influence driver behaviour internationally.


6 Significances of Colour in a Road Cone


Let’s take a look at the impact colour can make when it comes to road cones:


  1. The Orange Road Cone: Orange is the most traditional and widely used colour for these cones globally. Its high visibility during both day and night makes it ideal for alerting drivers to road works, lane closures, and other immediate hazards. The bright colour often signals caution, ensuring drivers slow down and drive carefully.


  1. Yellow Cones: These cones often indicate more specific cautionary messages. They are common in areas where ongoing work is not necessarily posing an immediate danger, such as preliminary surveying or maintenance zones. The yellow colour indicates a need for attention but often without the urgency that orange implies.


  1. Green Cones: Green cones are typically used to direct traffic or indicate safe zones. They may mark areas where parking is allowed or guide drivers through a temporary detour that is safe to travel. The colour green is associated with movement and go-ahead signals, making it perfect for guiding drivers in less hazardous areas.


  1. Blue Cones The blue road cone is for specialised purposes, often indicating areas reserved for specific services. For example, they are frequently used to demarcate non-hazardous information like overhead cables ahead or to keep pedestrian or vehicular traffic out of restricted areas.


  1. White Cones: White cones are often seen in more controlled environments like indoor events, warehouses, or private properties. They can also be used to direct foot traffic to ablution facilities or cordon off restricted zones. The neutrality of whites can blend more with urban environments while still maintaining visibility due to their reflective materials.


  1. Red Cones: This cone is associated with emergencies and is often deployed in areas where immediate attention is required, such as accident sites or emergency response zones. The colour red is universally recognised as a signal for stop or danger, prompting drivers to exercise maximum caution.


The Influence of Colour on Driver Behaviour


The different colours of road cones play a crucial role in influencing driver behaviour. Each colour carries a psychological impact, subtly communicating specific instructions or warnings, for example:


  1. Attention and Caution: Orange and yellow cones are the most effective at capturing attention and indicating caution. Their high visibility and association with warnings make drivers more alert and responsive to potential hazards.


  1. Guidance and Safety: Green and blue cones guide drivers safely through or around work zones. They provide clear directional cues and denote safer areas, reducing confusion and enhancing the flow of traffic.


  1. Specific Directives: Red and white cones give specific instructions or denote particular areas of importance, such as emergency zones or private property limits. These colours ensure that drivers understand the gravity of the situation and respond accordingly.


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