The Road Cone Journey: From Manufacturing to Protecting Road Users Everywhere


Road Cone

The road cone, also known as the traffic cone, traffic pylon, or witch’s hat, is manufactured from a variety of thermoplastic materials. Colour is mixed into the material and the cone is moulded or fitted with a sturdy base to keep the cone upright on the road.


These cones may be used to demarcate, warn, or delineate an area and might be used for various applications in construction, mining, traffic control, industry, law enforcement, and the military, and even as training tools for sports coaches. But how are these versatile, multifunctional conical objects manufactured, and how do they protect road users globally?


In this article, the leading road-safety equipment engineers at Armco Superlite will walk you through the basic process of how a road cone is manufactured and how it assists in saving lives and protecting road users.


The Road Cone – From Molten Materials to Conical Cones


The road cone is typically made from high-density polyethylene, rubber, or different forms of meltable plastics. These lightweight materials are resistant to harsh weather conditions in varying degrees. Many are flexible and resistant to impact damage and can be used in a wide range of applications, while others are brittle and breakable and are only suitable for certain functions.


Typically, these three-dimensional conical objects are manufactured using a process called flow moulding. The production process begins with the raw materials. The quality of the end product will depend on what material the road cone is made from. However, the chosen material will be melted and then poured into specifically designed, conically shaped moulds or clamp moulded between two independent half moulds. These moulds will vary in styles, designs, and sizes depending on the client’s requirements and the traffic cone’s end function. Once the cones have been moulded, they are cooled and ejected from the moulds.


Once the pylons have been removed from the moulds, they are inspected for any defects. Cones that do not meet the standards of the manufacturer are discarded. But those that pass the inspection process are then packaged and shipped to customers.


How Does the Road Cone Protect Road Users?    


In many instances, road cones are important devices used for road-safety measures but are only effective if used correctly. They are usually used in conjunction with other road-safety equipment like delineators, road signs, water-filled barriers, and more in large road-construction projects. However, they can also be used independently for smaller projects, such as warning pedestrians of open manholes or dangerous/slippery floor surfaces, warning motorists when workers are filling potholes, alerting motorists to wet paint on road surfaces, and much more.


Regardless of the size of the project, these familiar conical witches’ hats have successfully assisted traffic management for decades. They warn pedestrians, motorists, and other road users of hazardous obstructions in the immediate vicinity while reducing speed and responsibly protecting road users and potentially saving lives.


Find Superior-Quality Traffic Cones Suppliers Near You


At Armco Superlite, our selection of superior-quality orange traffic cones come in three convenient sizes. They can be used for most applications, such as:


  • Our 300 mm high x 180 mm base orange cone can be used in most applications regarding janitorial demarcations and warnings of hazards like wet floors or maintenance staff in the vicinity.


  • Our 450 mm high x 280 mm base, mid-sized road cone can have applications that include urban road construction projects like filling potholes, asphalt resurfacing projects, municipal repairs, and more.


  • Our 750 mm x 385 mm traffic cone can be used on larger, more formalised construction projects on national roads, highways, and byways or large building construction projects.


Whether you are searching for traffic cones for a small, once-off project, investigating the procurement of many cones for an extensive road construction contract, or simply searching for the most superior-quality road safety equipment for your next project, consider arming yourself with Armco Superlite. Contact us for superior products, expert opinions, and the best service in the industry.