Standard Equipment for any Road Safety Kit – The Trustworthy, Reliable Road Cone

Traffic twisters, traffic pylons, witches hats or traffic channelizing devices, call the robust little road cone what you wish, it has been both the saviour and irritation of motorists for decades. Whether you are in construction or not, you have undoubtedly had a few encounters with these traffic twisters, after all, they are a fundamental tool in any road safety kit.


A Brief History

It is suggested that the humble traffic pylon was first introduced in 1914. Although no documentation exists, it is rumoured through good account that, Charles Rudebaker was given credit for its inception. They were first constructed out of either cement or wood and were unforgiving to vehicles in the event of a collision. However, they meandered along with relative success until the 1940s, when street sign painter, Charles D. Scanlon, patented the first “Scanlon Safety Markers.” Manufactured from discarded tyre skins, their principal function being, to keep motor vehicles away from wet paint.

Road Cone

What are they made from?

The days of positioning heavy concrete and wooden pylons have been written into the history books. Today’s modern road cone is most commonly manufactured from recycled rubber, PVC or thermoplastics. It is usually hollow, lightweight, stackable and easy to transport. They may come in several different heights and diameters, each model ideal for specific functions. They are painted in an array of UV-protected, bright-coloured paints or ink, and they are usually issued with a reflective jacket for night-time use.

The road cone has a specific role to play in guiding both human and vehicular traffic. They are extremely versatile, usually accompanied by a recognised sign, warning pedestrians and motorists of the relevant or potential dangers ahead. They are the most recognised warning signal out of all road safety supplies, bar only, the equally humble stop sign.


Armco Superlite – Leaders in Road Safety Supplies

Armco Superlite are pioneers in the manufacture and distribution of only the very best road safety supplies. Our leading products include delineators, Dura-Post Delineators, the EuroET Terminal and the EuroNEAT impact management system. We also supply speed reduction ramps, wire rope safety fences and water-filled safety barriers. You may explore our complete range of road safety supplies here.

Not only do we supply world-renowned products, but we are equally superior in our range of road cones. Our domination of the market is guided by the quality of our products. Our flow mould soft cones are strong, sturdy and visible while minimising impact damage in the event of a collision.


4 Reasons to use Armco’s Leading Pedestrian and Traffic Guidance Products

  1. The heavy base is stable and it remains upright through heavy-duty vehicle traffic or windy weather.
  2. These products are strong and ideal for the harsh conditions of South African roads.
  3. All models of our PVC cones are covered in UV-resistant ink, limiting sun damage.
  4. Armco products are value for money and are economical enough for any road safety kit.

However, when you are surrounded by trucks the size of double-storey houses, you need a really large, extra-strong, ultra-durable road cone. Armco Superlite has, once again, taken the lead. We have answered the mining sector and other heavy vehicle industries with our Monster Man Barrier and our Monster Road Cone.

The Monster Road Cone is highly visible, standing an impressive 1.8m tall. It is a sturdy 1m wide and weighs a very transportable 8.5kg. It is available in a wide range of bright colours and can be used in conjunction with a reflective sleeve. Should these specifications still not measure up to staying in place in your industry, the pylon can be fixed to the ground through specifically purposed, moulded holes to secure the monster from moving around.

Armco Superlite has been a leading brand name in our industry for decades. Our name, reputation and impressive portfolio speak for themselves. Should you require assistance on a challenging project, be armed with Armco Superlite. We lead the way.


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