Safety Barriers: Safeguarding Work Zones and High-Risk Areas

Safety barriers are most often observed in our towns, in cities, and along our national roads and usually come in varying shapes, sizes, colours, and forms. Along quiet suburban side streets, they may be displayed as a few basic pieces of safety equipment and one or two road signs to warn passers-by and other road users of men at work. At busy city interchanges, the warning signs and types of barriers may be more complex while beyond the city limits, road works are more clearly demarcated over longer distances and much more intricate in design.

But whether you see them in suburbia, in the centre of your city, or on our national roads, they are all there for one reason. They are used by road contractors, civil engineering companies, municipalities, and local authorities to protect road users and other members of the public from potential safety hazards and to protect workers, employees, and emergency personnel from potential injury caused by errant drivers and unobservant road users.

Armco Road Safety Products

Safety Barriers That Save Lives

Safety equipment as simple as a road cone, delineator, or speed ramp assist to slow traffic to a safe speed. Large transportable barriers filled with sand or water are often used in unison with these safety barriers and are positioned in a specific order that allows for slowing traffic to an acceptable speed, guiding road users through potentially hazardous conditions and protecting workers from passing traffic.

Together with human direction in the form of flag-wavers, stop/go assistants, and other traffic directors; warning and reduction of speed signage; and various designs of safety barriers, road users can follow road sign instructions and be guided by these forms of safety equipment through an array of obstructions or detours until they have safely passed the road works or other work in progress.

At Armco Superlite, we are globally recognised for manufacturing and supplying superior safety barriers. In this article, we will be discussing only three products in our vast portfolio we have on offer for your perusal.


3 Types of Safety Barriers

Here are three types of safety barriers we supply at Armco Superlite:

  1. Road Cone: Although road safety barriers vary in shape and size, they all form a fundamental part of the process of keeping members of the public and workers separated. One of the most successful pairings in this process, specifically when traffic needs to be slowed to a stall, is the humble road cone.
  2. Delineators: These specifically designed traffic guides offer direction to safe passage through a detour or direct road users away from closed lanes. Our delineators indicate where it is safe to travel and are supplied with a sturdy, strong foot stand. Together, they form a rigid structure that withstands heavy-duty traffic wind and yet is still pliable enough to limit damage in the event of accidental contact.
  1. Water-Filled Separation Barriers: Although not a vehicle impact protection unit, our 28kg waterfilled safety barriers fill with sand or water to a weight of 80kg. They are stackable for easy and economical transport, flush mounted, and compatible with our EuroNEATTM system for ultimate peace of mind when separating workers from fast-moving traffic. They are also available in smaller, more compact sizes for inner-city conditions and, for the mining sector and other heavy-duty industries, we also offer the Monster Man Barrier.


Arm Yourself with Armco

At Armco Superlite, we strive to be the leading specialists in the supply and manufacture of only the most superior safety barriers used by many companies for a variety of different functions. Due to our reputation and extensive expertise, our product range is being used extensively by road construction companies, municipalities, and other government departments, mining houses, contractors, and consulting engineers globally.

If you are planning a project that would require safety barriers and other superior road safety equipment, consider arming yourself with Armco. We are internationally renowned for our superior products and excellent service. From order to execution and delivery, you can count on us to get it right. Contact us and we will schedule an appointment.


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