Weatherproofing Solutions: The Benefits of Sheathing for Outdoor Structures

Metal cladding, also known as steel sheathing, is an intelligent choice for a range of construction projects. Whether it is for smaller, agricultural-type projects or larger outdoor structures, steel sheathing is a clever and sustainable way of enclosing spaces. These sheets of metal will last for years and, if galvanized, will last for decades longer. They also offer flexibility and aesthetic appeal to any project and may be used in a variety of ways, allowing you to develop the overall appearance you require.

We at Armco Superlite have been manufacturing both standard and galvanized steel sheathing for decades and are leaders in our field. In this article, we will divulge the principal advantages of sheathing for outdoor structures and delve into construction exercises that require culverts and underground storage facilities.

4 Top Benefits of Steel Sheathing for Outdoor Structures

Despite there being a number of materials that can be used for wrapping a framed structure in cladding, steel is bySheathing | Weatherproofing Solutions far the most practical for outdoor structures. Although steel sheathing has been around for many decades, its benefits are becoming more recognised in the construction and other industries as more architects and individuals discover its potential. Here are just four of the many benefits that this versatile material has to offer:


Perhaps the principal advantage steel sheathing has over other building materials is its lifespan. Wooden planks and boards do the job, but rot and mould does negatively affect them, and they often need to be replaced every few years. People that build with steel will find that the material will last for years longer and even untreated metals will outlive wooden structures by decades.

However, it is an undeniable fact that the iron content in untreated metals is prone to rust, but with the invention of rustproof paints and corrosion-prevention treatments, this process can be slowed down. Well-maintained steel structures or those that have been built from hot-dipped galvanized steel have been known to last a century or more. That said, galvanization is the one treatment that needs little to no maintenance through the years and can prove to be the most cost-effective method of treating metals.


Another reason steel sheathing lasts so long is because of its durability. Steel is a hard material by nature, and steel panelling is often recommended as a building material for roofs and walls in areas where hail is a constant threat. They are also advised in fire-prone areas or areas where there are frequent windstorms. Their resistance to impacts, fire-resistance, and ability to resist wind make them durable, long-lasting, and an ideal material for outdoor structures.

Energy efficient:

Raw steel panels and the bright shine of galvanized sheathing make steel more energy efficient. Where other materials might absorb the heat, steel’s ability to radiate heat back into the building during winter and reflect it back into the atmosphere during summer means that you will use less electricity, keeping the space warmer and cooler respectively.

Environmentally Friendly:

With the durability of steel, it is typically only needed once, and we have already discussed how long it lasts. With other products, trees must be felled to produce replacement boards and planks through the years and may never be able to be repurposed once rot or mould has set in. Steel, on the other hand, is 100% reusable and recyclable, even after serving generations over its lifetime.

Arm Yourself with Armco

At Armco Superlite, we are the best in the supply and manufacture of corrugated steel pipes used mainly as stockpile tunnels and culverts for roads. However, steel sheathing can be manufactured to order either in standard or galvanized forms.

Our extensive knowledge gained over multiple decades of operation has allowed us to market and sell our products with the utmost confidence, ensuring that the required design parameters are adhered to with the necessary factors of safety. So, contact us and arm yourself with Armco.