The Advantages of Steel Culverts: Why They Are a Top Choice for Infrastructure Projects

There are many reasons why steel culverts may be used in infrastructure projects. From water distribution and drainage to the transportation of minerals in the mining industry. In the latter instance, the structures need to be bendable as slight curving might be necessary along its structural length to deliver the minerals from one location to another via a series of conveyor belts. The mining industry might also incorporate these metal culverts into stockpile tunnels. As such, these structures need to be extremely strong and durable.

Although culverts may be constructed from many types of materials, corrugated steel is fast becoming the top choice for infrastructure projects. Specialists in modern construction at Armco Superlite use this article to discuss the reasons why and the benefits of using steel culverts.

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4 Advantages of utilising Steel Culverts for Infrastructure Projects

In the mining industry, steel culverts are often constructed in circular or semi-circular formations, dependent on the purpose of building the tunnel. Their corrugation lends to their rigidity and strength and adds to their ability to adapt to longitudinal deformation. More benefits of using corrugated steel in the construction of culverts include:

  1. Cost-effective construction:

In comparison to other construction techniques, as in concrete, for example, the cost of transporting multiple products to the site prior to construction is already substantial. Then, the time taken for steel fixing, formwork to be set in place and finally the pouring and curing of the material is time-consuming and excessively labour-intensive. Additionally, the process is seasonal and weather dependent and needs to be planned according to onsite conditions.

In comparison, steel culverts are set in place in length after length, either in straight lines or in predetermined gradual bends (or curves). The process is far less labour-intensive and is completed in less time.

  1. Speed of Construction:

At Armco, we follow predetermined draughting and planning procedures. We begin with the manufacture of your steel culverts weeks, sometimes months in advance in preparation for installation. Additionally, the culverts are manufactured away from the construction site and transported to it when needed, allowing for additional space on site for the storage of other materials.

Producing the culverts offsite has the added advantage of not being weather or season dependent for delivery of the finished product. Also, the reduced cost of transporting only one element to the construction site saves time and money. There is very little preparation needed to place the steel culverts into position along their pre-prepared channels and paths.

  1. Weather Resistant:

Harsh weather extremes of the African continent may have devastating effects on other methods of construction. Once construction is completed, the structure must endure extreme temperature variations. From below-zero conditions in winter in some areas to an excess of 50˚C during summer in others. Wet, humid, tropical conditions can cause crumbling and cracking in some materials while hot, dry conditions could cause deformation in others.

Standard, corrugated steel culverts are designed to last for 25 years under these conditions. At Armco, we offer the option of using galvanized steel in the construction process, extending its lifespan considerably. Under the right conditions, these tunnels could last up to 75 years with very little maintenance.

  1. Geographically Friendly

Correctly installed, galvanised steel culverts are suitable for most geological terrains and environmental conditions. The galvanization will prevent rust for many years and in instances where there is a high presence of acid or alkali, additional anti-corrosion plans can be instituted to maintain the longevity of the tunnel.


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