Structural and Non-Structural Sheathing in Construction – The Differences and their Applications

Structural and non-structural sheathing are both made from steel, but not all steel is created equal. Allow our professionals at Armco Superlite to take you through the journey of what the differences are and what they are used for in construction.


Their Creation is in the Carbon

To fully understand what these two different types of sheathing may be used for, a basic understanding of how they are made will bring clarity to their applications.

Both structural and non-structural sheathing is made from steel, and steel is made from iron. For now, iron is usually extracted from taconite ore. Once this ore is ground to a sand-like composition, magnets separate the iron particles. Carbon-rich coke is combined with the iron to give it additional strength through a process called “reduction.” The carbon mixture ratio will then fall and eventually reach a level of less than 2.1% by weight at which point the iron becomes steel.

Once this process is complete, the newly formed material is recognised for its familiar strength, durability, ductility and versatility. This is where the principal difference between the sheathing groups is separated. To become structural steel, the alloy needs to be further reduced to between .05% and .25% by weight and following rigorous testing, may then be processed into steel sheathing.


Uses for Non-Structural Steel Sheathing

Steel that did not fall below the acceptable reduction levels may be processed into non-structural sheathing. However, there is no wastage when it comes to this variation of the metal, as it is in extremely high demand from several sectors. The automotive industry utilizes stainless steel for trimmings and other variations for exhaust systems. The medical sector prefers stainless steel as it is corrosion resistant and easily sterilised and this prerequisite flows over into the food processing, F&B, and culinary sectors and more. However, steel is also in high demand in the construction industry and is used for heating and cooling equipment, ductwork, shelving, stairs and rails, for example.

Our professionals at Armco Superlight use mild, non-structural steel for an array of different uses, however, one of our specialities is the manufacturing of corrugated steel sheathing for pre-stressed concrete production in the construction sector. We offer mild steel corrugated piping in 40 to 120mm diameter and lengths of 12m or shorter upon request.


Leading Products from Leaders in the Industry

Because of its outstanding performance and special qualities, structural steel is highly sought after within the construction industry In fact, more than 50% of the steel produced in the world is used in this sector. It is used for building frameworks, reinforcement and support rods and as sheet products for cladding, roofing and walling.

Armco specialists utilize this form of metal to produce corrugated sheathing which increases its already impressive strength-to-weight ratio, and we have the ability to galvanize the product to increase its longevity by up to 75 years. We then form many products out of the finished product. We service the road safety construction industry by producing high-quality safety barriers and other impact-assist safety products.

Additionally, we are the leading specialists in the supply and manufacture of corrugated steel pipes used mainly as stockpile tunnels and culverts for roads. Our innovative techniques and extensive knowledge and experience gained over multiple decades of operation have allowed us to supply our products within the required design parameters with pride and confidence.


Armco – Arming the Construction Industry with Structural and Non-Structural Steel Sheathing products


Due to the numerous advantages offered by our products, mining houses, contractors and consulting engineers across the globe have used our range extensively across a wide variety of construction projects. Comparing Armco structures against conventional designs and the ease with which they are installed ensures quicker completion times are available at extremely competitive prices.

For leading products by leaders in the industry at cost-effective investments, arm yourself with Armco products. There hasn’t been a project that we haven’t been able to assist with.


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