We provide an extensive range of road-safety products, of which we discuss three types briefly below to give you an indication of the range, quality, and functionality of our products.

Truck-Mounted Attenuators

Truck-mounted attenuators are known by many names, including impact attenuators and truck-mounted crash cushions. Regardless of what these traffic control and safety devices are called, the devices are specifically designed to save the lives of workers at roadwork zones. The truck-mounted attenuators, as available from us, are designed to absorb both high- and low-speed impacts into the rear ends of trucks at construction or roadwork sites. The trucks to which these devices are attached are also in this way protected against serious damage as the result of an impact. The attenuators are designed to absorb the kinetic energy from impacting vehicles. As such, the devices act as crash cushions that are affixed to shadow vehicles stationed in lanes closed to traffic, or vehicles that drive slowly with speed-reduction signs mounted on them to force motorists to reduce speed when they are nearing road-construction sites.

The trucks to which the attenuators are affixed form effective buffers between traffic from behind and the workers in front of the trucks. Safe operating procedures are essential to minimise the risk of the trucks being pushed over workers or other vehicles in front when hit from behind. As such, it is imperative that operators keep a safe clear zone between the truck and the roadwork site. This is extremely important, especially at mobile work zones where trucks’ parking brakes might not be engaged or where they move very slowly. We specifically supply the Alpha 70K TMA™ truck-mounted attenuator, which meets NCHRP 350, Test Level 2 criteria. The unit provides protection for workers, equipment, and the trucks against impact from straying vehicles. The device mount is of such a design as to prevent impacting vehicles from under-riding the truck onto which the attenuator is affixed. It is made from aluminium, which ensures that it is lightweight enough to be mounted on a truck and to protect against the effects of exposure to the elements.

Water-Filled Safety Barriers

Also forming part of our road safety products, the yellow safety barriers are designed for interlocking. When interlocked, the barrier units form a wall. The units are filled with water to prevent them from being blown over by strong winds. Made from durable material, the units can be used in all weather conditions. These high-impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene barriers are brightly coloured for maximum visibility in low-light conditions. The units are also stackable for easier transportation and storage.

Quadguard® System

Unlike the water-filled barriers and truck-mounted attenuators, which are designed for applications at road and construction worksites, the Quadguard® System is a permanent crash cushion, installed at toll terminals. The system has set a new benchmark for crash cushions, as it provides effective shielding for the terminals against impacts from fast-moving vehicles. The system consists of energy-absorbing and crushable cartridges that are surrounded by a steel framework of Quad-Beam™ panels. The system meets the NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 performance requirements for non-gating attenuators.

The system is modular in design and can absorb impact energy from vehicles travelling at highway speeds of up to 120 km/h. The panels in the system provide for a beam strength that is almost a third higher than that of the thrie-beam system. It has a compact design to minimise the horizontal and vertical installation footprint of the system, providing for more usable road surface area. The cartridge design allows for safe deceleration of light and heavy vehicles, and thereby provides effective protection for the booth operators against impacts from vehicles. The system comes with a monorail base, which eliminates the need for anchoring devices. This makes for easier installation. The nose of the system is self-supporting, eliminating the need for special supporting legs. This reduces maintenance time and allows for faster installation. The client can choose between concrete or tension-strut backups. Refurbishment is easy and the system provides for 80% reusability. After impact, just replace the cartridges and the plastic nose.

Whether you require permanent attenuators, truck-mounted attenuators, or other road safety products, such as the water-filled barriers, you can rest assured that our products are extremely strong and well designed to ensure optimal performance according to the highest industry standards.