As a trusted supplier of a wide range of road-safety and construction products in South Africa, we proudly introduce our range of orange traffic cones and large construction cones.

Orange Traffic Cones for Redirecting and Channeling Traffic

Orange traffic cones serve several purposes, the main one being to channel vehicles into a specific lane or around an obstruction of some sort. A vehicle-accident scene is frequently the cause of more accidents. To prevent motorists from driving into the scene of the accident, traffic officers and emergency workers place these cones around such emergency scenes to indicate which areas not to use. The vehicles are instead directed where to drive. Orange traffic cones are also used as part of the emergency safety equipment carried by trucks. Many trucks have these in their storage areas and when a truck needs to park next to or perhaps in the road to load or offload items or to do road repairs, for instance, the driver can place these highly visible orange traffic cones out at set distances from the truck. In these instances, the cones serve to warn motorists of the stationary vehicle and the danger of people working near the truck. Such cones are also used at pedestrian crossings to show motorists that pedestrians will cross the road between two lanes created by the traffic cones. The high visibility of the cones is what makes these road-safety products so versatile in their applications.

Event organisers also use the orange traffic cones to indicate ticket lines, while organisers of bicycle races place the cones next to the road to indicate cycle paths and thus warn vehicles not to use the lanes demarcated for the cyclists. The cones are even used at school sports practices, such as hockey and soccer practices to lay out paths to be used while practising. What makes the cones so versatile is their design. They are hollow and as such, many of them can be stacked on top of each other when not in use. This helps to save space both in terms of storage and transportation. The hollow design furthermore helps to make the cones lighter. With their lightweight design, the cones can also be moved around easily without the need for special equipment or many people to do so. Deployment is therefore fast and hassle-free.

The orange traffic cones available from Armco Superlite are strong and robust to ensure they can withstand the harsh South African weather conditions. They have sturdy bases to prevent them from being blown over easily in windy conditions. Made from PVC and painted with UV-resistant paint, the cones can withstand the harsh sun for years without fading. As such, these are particularly economical road-safety products that can be used repeatedly. Their bright orange colour furthermore makes the traffic cones highly visible, regardless of whether they are used in the day or at night.

Large Construction Cones for Mine and Engineering Sites

Similar in design to normal orange traffic cones, our large construction cones are made for deployment at mine and construction sites where large vehicles operate. The small cones are not easily visible from high up in a large vehicle, hence the availability of the large cones that are 1,8 m high. They are designed to be extra strong and highly visible to operators of construction vehicles. Special affixing holes in the base of the cone make it easy to secure it to the ground and thus prevent it from being moved accidentally. It also features the hollow design of the smaller orange traffic cones and this makes it possible to store the cones in stacks and thus save space in the trailer when transporting and in the storeroom. They are also made from highly durable PVC, which means they do not degrade or corrode; in fact, these products are made to last for many years.

Where to Find Road-Safety Products

All our road-safety products are made according to strict safety, manufacturing, and quality standards and they meet specific SANS requirements as well. Apart from the orange traffic cones and construction cones, we supply everything from guardrails to delineators and speed bumps. View our full product offering and contact us for more information on any of our products available in South Africa.