We are a supplier of superior-quality corrugated steel products in South Africa, as briefly introduced in this article. Our tendon sheathing is a good example. It is designed and manufactured according to the requirements and standards of the South African construction sector. With it being important to keep construction costs low without compromising on quality, we produce lightweight and low-cost tendon sheathing. It has characteristics such as spirally locked seams. We manufacture the sheathing using uncoated mild steel from 0,4-mm thick material. We quote according to the internal diameters with these products, with diameters ranging from 40 to 120 mm. Thanks to our strict quality control and precision manufacturing, we are able to provide products with favourable characteristics, such as exceptional strength, uniformity in size, and consistency in shape.

The spiral corrugation design means that the product has an excellent grout-duct-concrete bond. We provide tendon sheathing in the standard length of 12 m but can manufacture shorter ones upon client request. We provide a stiff and robust screw coupling to enable assembly of the sheath sections at the construction site, according to the length requirements. With the superior strength of the product, the risk of damage while in transport to the construction site is significantly reduced. As mentioned earlier, the design incorporates corrugated spirals, which help to carry loads by making the pipes significantly stronger. We can pack our products in bubble wrap for maximum protection of the sheaths until they are ready to be used. The products are easier to install because of the coupling system and the 10-m spans help to reduce the number of connections needed. This also reduces installation time and costs.

Void Formers

Apart from the tendon sheathing widely used in the construction industry, we designed and developed the Superlite Void Former specifically to meet the requirements of the South African construction industry. We provide a low-cost, yet durable and lightweight cell former that features a spirally locked, seamed, for optimal strength. It is made to resist concrete’s hydrostatic pressure and the loads associated with the compaction of concrete. We manufacture the void formers from uncoated or galvanised steel. The thickness range of the material used includes 0,6, 0,8, 1,0 and 1,2 mm thicknesses. These formers are available in cell lengths of up to 12 m but we can, once again, manufacture longer ones upon request.

We can provide these formers in split lengths, fitted with joining collars, enabling you to create the precise length that you need on site. In addition, we can provide stop ends to prevent the ingress of concrete in cases where the contractor needs the product to be used specifically for void-former applications. We can, furthermore, provide timber braces to reduce the risk of excessive distortion of the cells if the products must be transported over a long distance.

Advantages of Corrugated Steel Products

We are able to provide a wide range of corrugated-steel products to the construction industry, including steel conduits. These conduits are available in various thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. The corrugated-steel products can be used as stream enclosures, service ducts, water tanks, pipe shells, and more. All our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities according to strict manufacturing and safety standards. In addition, they all meet the requirements of the South African construction industry. With it being possible to shape these pipes into many forms, such as bevel ends for structures, we help to keep construction costs low. The lifespan of corrugated steel products is impressive and with the corrugated spirals, the pipes, cells, formers, and sheathing products can carry heavy loads and resist strong forces.

We understand the importance of having comprehensive information available for deciding which products to use. To this end, get in touch to discuss your particular requirements in terms of tendon sheathing, conduits, cell formers, or related corrugated-steel products. We will also advise you on the appropriate thicknesses and connections to use, as well as the correct installation methods. Get the best products at affordable prices. Call us today for bulk orders.