A few decades ago, it would have been unlikely to see a 1.8-m Road Cone, as the first types were made of concrete and later wood. It would have been difficult to move around a 1.8-m Road Cone made of any of these heavy materials. However, technological advances have made it possible to make road cones of all sizes, including a 1,8-m road cone that is big enough to be highly visible at open-pit mine sites, dam-building sites, and any areas where large construction vehicles operate. However, the modern 1.8-m Road Cone is made from durable PVC and has a hollow design. This makes even a 1.8-m Road Cone lightweight enough to easily move around as needed. And, with special holes in its base, it is possible to attach the 1.8-m Road Cone to the surface to prevent it from moving every time a heavy vehicle touches it.

The hollow design also makes it possible to stack these cones on top of each other when they are not in use. With this ability, the storage and transportation space needed is significantly reduced. Apart from the 1.8-m Road Cone, we offer smaller and more conventional traffic cones as well. Also brightly coloured for maximum visibility, these cones are widely used to demarcate temporary lanes, redirect vehicles, indicate wet paint, and demarcate pedestrian areas. Frequently also used for sports activities, these durable plastic cones have become such a part of people’s daily lives that few people stop to think about their true value.

Of course, temporary road-safety devices such as the 1,8-m road cone and the smaller ones are not our only products. The water-filled yellow road barriers are now widely used at roadside work areas to redirect motorists away from hazards. They are also used at stop-and-go posts. They are filled with water to give them a firm footing and prevent them from being blown over by strong winds, but water-filled barriers do not serve as crash barriers. The units are interlocking, which means that long chain boundaries can be built around construction sites using these temporary structures.

Another one of our many road-safety products, the delineator is also a familiar sight on South African roads. It has a blade, base, and swivel connection. The blade has black and yellow stripes to indicate which side the hazard is located. These delineators serve to warn motorists of changes in the road path, redirect them around obstacles, and prevent them from driving into hazardous areas. The delineators can be reused many times. Also lightweight in design, they can be deployed quickly, reducing the risk of accidents while being installed. The blade gives way when struck by a vehicle and then returns to the upright position after the impact. It thus causes no damage except superficial scuffing to an impacting vehicle.

We also offer the Durapost® delineators. These posts have small footprints and are sturdy in design. They are used to demarcate lanes for buses, bicycles, taxis, pedestrians, or emergency vehicles. The posts are highly visible and designed to withstand numerous impacts from any angle, simply returning to the upright position afterwards. Testing has been performed showing that each post can handle more than 200 impacts at 97 km/h. Installation is as easy and quick as fixing the base to the road with quickset epoxy. The posts are available in highly visible yellow and are visible from all sides. They are resistant to ultraviolet light, giving them excellent durability and colourfastness in South Africa’s harsh weather conditions. Consisting of a single piece, the post is also economical. We also offer thermoplastic speed ramps, suitable for installation at parking lots, office-park entrances, and in streets requiring traffic calming. They are also easy to install and can carry heavy weights.

So, whether you need a 1.8-m Road Cone for your mine site, delineators for roadwork areas, Durapost® delineators to demarcate lanes, or water-filled barriers to prevent straying of vehicles into hazardous areas, we have you covered. We offer an extensive range of temporary and permanent road-safety products. Products for permanent installation range from guardrails to wire-rope systems, and end terminals, to name only a few. View our range of products and get in touch to discuss your particular product needs.