Many crash cushion types are used in road safety today. We briefly look at some of the types available from us, giving you an indication of why crash cushion technology is so important in road safety.

Crash Cushion – Quadguard® System

This is one of our flagship road-safety products. The Quadguard® System sets the benchmark for crash cushions, especially permanently installed types. The Quadguard® System consists of cartridges designed to absorb impact energy. The cartridges are surrounded by a steel framework comprising the Quad-Beam panels. The Quadguard meets NCHRP350 TL3 crash-testing requirements for non-gating, redirective crash cushions. What sets them apart from many other crash cushion types is their compact and modular design that permits installation for anything from one to twelve bays. Each can absorb impacts of vehicles at speeds of up to 120 km/h, preventing speeding and straying vehicles from hitting the tollbooth where the operator sits.

The panels provide almost a one-third higher beam strength than the conventional thrie-beam system. The system consists of cartridges designed specifically to slow down everything from light to heavy vehicles, as well as vehicles with a high centre of gravity, travelling at speeds of up to 120 km/h. The design allows for easier installation because it features a monorail, eliminating the need to anchor the tension cable and chains. It has a self-supported nose with no legs, which also reduces installation time and costs, and have a choice between concrete or tension-strut backups. Refurbishment is also made easy, since the QuadGuard® System consists of reusable sections. In fact, only the cartridges and plastic nose need to be replaced after a typical head-on collision with the system. This makes it one of the lowest-cost systems available for use at tollbooths, since 80% of the system is reusable. The debris of the impact is contained in the cartridges. This also helps to reduce repair time, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries while maintaining the system.

Crash Cushion – EuroNEAT™ System

This highly effective end treatment is suitable for both temporary and permanent installations. It is non-redirective. The terminal is energy-absorbent to provide impact protection against collisions at speeds of up to 80 km/h and it meets the EN 1317-3 criteria for non-directive crash cushion types. It contains a lightweight cartridge that weighs no more than 147 kg. The system has a particularly compact design, giving it a surface footprint of less than 3 m. Installation is quick and easy and no special tools are required.

It consists of a special configuration of aluminium cells within an aluminium shell. This makes it weather-resistant and impervious to corrosion. The system also has a steel backup and attachment hardware in addition to steel transition panels. With its unique design, it can be attached to the end of a concrete barrier, using the loop connection of the barrier. The nose is fitted with a highly visible chevron sign. The caster wheels of the system make moving and repositioning it easy. With it being self-contained, the debris of an impact is contained within the system, reducing clean-up and repair time. It has anchors to fit to the concrete or portable barrier and, as such, there is no need to anchor it to the road surface.

One of the other types of road safety products available from us is the Alpha 70K Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA). It meets the NCHRP 350 Test Level 2 criteria. Though not a crash cushion, it does provide extensive protection for equipment, road workers, and motorists. The system provides protection against impacts of up to 70 km/h. The Alpha 70K TMA™ absorbs the impact energy of rear-end collisions by vehicles with the system. It is specifically designed to prevent vehicles from under-riding the truck upon impact. Its main function is to form a barrier between expensive equipment and/or workers and motorists. It comes with a Durashell® Nose, which helps to reduce damage from a nuisance impact. The nose has a tapered shape, which helps to reduce damage on the corner. It is made from aluminium, which is impervious to rust and corrosion. The cartridge is lightweight in design, making it easier to handle and install.

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