Whether you are looking for an orange cone supplier for the bulk supply of orange traffic pylons used in roadworks projects or want such a supplier to provide you with a smaller type of cone for events and sports activities, you can rely on us to meet your product requirements. Though we are a supplier of the famous orange cone in South Africa, we also supply a wide range of other road-safety products, which we discuss in more detail below. But first, a look at the traffic pylon, or orange cone, as many call it.

Orange Cone

Though Dayglo orange is the most popular colour for the conical traffic pylon because of its high visibility in low-visibility driving conditions, we supply the pylons in many other colours as well. What is important is that the ink used for colouring them is UV-resistant to ensure their longevity, even in the harsh local weather conditions. The pylons have a hollow design, which has three benefits:

  • Lightweight enough for easy deployment without special equipment.
  • The hollow, lightweight design makes it possible to stack them to maximise storage space.
  • Stacking makes it easier to transport large numbers of them.


The orange cone has a sturdy bases, helping to keep them in place, even in windy conditions.

Speed Ramps

The yellow-and-black speed ramps are well-suited for applications in parking lots to reduce vehicles’ speed. They also work well in residential estates, corporate parks, and at schools to slow down vehicles. The ramps are highly visible because of their alternating yellow-and-black colours.


We are also a trusted supplier of delineators. These road-safety products are also black and yellow and have sturdy bases to prevent them from blowing over in windy conditions. The blades swivel and can thus deflect when hit by a straying vehicle. They return to the upright position directly after impact. Made to withstand repeated impacts, the delineators are well-suited for placement at roadworks sites and hazards to warn motorists and guide them around these temporary hazards.

Alpha 70K TMA Truck-Mounted Attenuator

We are a supplier of the Alpha 70K TMA™ truck-mounted attenuator. The system meets NCHRP 350 test level 2 criteria. It is installed at the rear of a truck to protect motorists, roadwork equipment, and workers. These road-safety products can provide protection against impacts from vehicles travelling at 70 km/h. The collision energy is absorbed upon impact with the attenuator. Designed specifically to prevent vehicles from under-riding the truck, the attenuator system provides protection while reducing the risk of fatalities associated with under-riding. The cartridge is lightweight for easier handling and the units have tapered noses to reduce corner damage. They are made from rust-proof aluminium.

W-Beam Guardrail

Perhaps the road-safety product for which we are best known as a supplier is this famous Armco barrier, which prevents straying vehicles from leaving the road and colliding with hazards such as trees or walls.

Wire-Rope Safety Fence

Apart from being a well-known supplier of the W-beam guardrail system, we offer the wire-rope safety fence that meets the NCHRP 350-TL2 and new European CEN design standards. These fences have a small footprint and can thus be installed on roads where there is limited space. The barriers are used to demarcate safe spaces for motorcycles, buses, emergency vehicles, and cyclists. These wire-rope safety fences are also used on highways as barriers between opposing carriageways. Repairs can be done on the fences with minimal interruption to traffic. They are made to prevent vehicles from breaking through, whilst minimising the risk of injury upon impact. These fences are widely used as barriers on highways and urban roads around the world.

Water-Filled Safety Barriers

These barriers can be interlocked to form a long safety barrier around hazards such as open excavations or at road-construction sites. The barriers are filled with water or sand to give them stability and weigh them down in windy conditions. Brightly coloured for maximum visibility, the barriers are also stackable for easier transportation and storage.

Whether you are looking for a reputable supplier of the orange cone or a manufacturer of guardrails, we meet the requirement with a range of road safety products designed for South African road and weather conditions.