We offer an extensive range of road-safety products that is specifically made for tough South African conditions. All our products are manufactured to meet a range of strict safety and quality standards. To give you an indication of the extent of our product range, we briefly introduce some of our other products below.

Thermoplastic Speed Ramps

Thermoplastic speed ramps are traffic-calming devices. As such, they are often installed at parking lots, residential estates, some neighbourhood streets, pedestrian crossings of schools, and in office parks. In fact, thermoplastic speed ramps are widely deployed where it is necessary to limit vehicle speed and force drivers to comply with speed limits. Our thermoplastic speed ramps are highly visible and robust to ensure longevity. Visibility is essential to reduce the risk of motorists not noticing them and driving over them at high speed.

As traffic-calming devices, thermoplastic speed ramps should not be installed in front of residential or office entrances, in the shade of trees, in areas where illumination at night is not possible, and on gradients of 9% and more. They should also not be used on gravel roads, too close to traffic signals, or on Class 4 (or higher) roads. These ramps can be used at mini-circles where vehicle speeds are generally low. With our products, there is no need to paint the ramps, because they come in highly visible yellow and black. The plastic is UV resistant and because the products are made from thermoplastic, there is no risk of degradation or corrosion.

Why Traffic Calming Is Needed

Motorists often ignore speed limits in built-up areas where children and the elderly cross roads. This is also true for residential areas where homeowners may be at risk of speeding vehicles. Reckless driving is curbed by such traffic-calming devices and the quality of life in neighbourhoods is improved. The calming devices are often installed in residential neighbourhoods where public-transport vehicles and people from surrounding suburbs use a neighbourhood street as a thoroughfare in an attempt to avoid congested main roads. Speed ramps thus have two main goals: Speed reduction and an improvement in road safety. Other important goals are:

  • A reduction in conflict situations between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • A reduction in the number of vehicles using a specific road.
  • Improving the safety of parking areas.
  • Preventing motorists from driving too fast at boom gates.
  • Improving the quality of life, as a reduction in traffic means lower emissions and noise levels.
  • To increase the alertness of drivers.

Speed bumps or ramps force drivers to pay attention, reduce their speed, and minimise the usage of a particular road. Such ramps are often installed at the entrances and exits of shopping malls where drivers must stop to get their parking tickets or to make parking payments. This helps to minimise the risk of drivers approaching the ticket gates too fast and it minimises the risk of drivers tailgating and so exiting boom areas without paying.

Other Road-Safety Products

Apart from these products, we also offer Durapost® delineators to demarcate specific lanes for bicycles, pedestrians, or public transport. These posts are extremely strong, but due to their unique design, take up very little road space. We also offer water-filled barriers, which boast interlocking systems. These barriers are not designed to act as crash barriers; instead, the bright yellow interlinked barriers serve to create boundaries around roadworks to prevent vehicles from straying into areas where they are not allowed. They are lightweight enough to be moved easily by one to two workers when empty. No special equipment is needed for installation.

Blade delineators are available to indicate roadworks. The yellow and black stripes show to which side of the delineator the hazard is located. The blade is attached to a sturdy base to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds. In addition, the blade is attached to a swivel system and this makes it possible for it to bend backwards or to any side when struck by an errant vehicle, simply flipping back to the upright position after the impact. As such, the blade only scuffs the vehicle superficially and causes very little or no damage.

We offer many other road-safety products. View our range and get in touch for more information on our thermoplastic speed ramps and other products.