Boost Construction Site Safety with the Right Traffic Cones Supplier


Choosing the right traffic cones supplier is vital as it has many implications, from the safety of road users, workers, and pedestrians to convenience and cost efficiency. These cones, also known as road cones or witches’ hats, are often seen as a simple necessity on or around construction sites. But their functionality, design, and manufacture determine many outcomes, like safety, visibility, usability, and longevity.


In this article, the experts in road-safety equipment here at Armco Superlite will investigate why selecting a traffic cones supplier is not simply about finding the provider of witches’ hats, but it is a calculated decision that may make your construction site safer and save you thousands over time.


Find a Traffic Cones Supplier that Provides Only Superior Quality Sentinels


Traffic cones in construction serve many purposes, so they need to be of superior quality if they are to survive their tasks. These may include:


  • Providing a Warning: The mere sight of these cones alerts road users and others that there are potential hazards ahead and they should reduce speed immediately.


  • Guiding Traffic Flow: They channel vehicle and pedestrian traffic around these hazards, preventing collisions with workers and equipment.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Their bright orange colour and reflective strips ensure they are easily seen during the day and in poor or low-light conditions.


  • Creating Safe Worker Zones: By creating a physical barrier, they delineate safe work areas for construction personnel and their equipment and help prevent injuries.


Performing these functions seamlessly without splitting, cracking, blowing over, or fading over time depends on the pride and reputation of the traffic cones supplier. This is what sets superior-quality road cones apart:traffic cones suppliers


  • Durability: Cheap, brittle cones easily crack or break under pressure or accidental impact. Select a traffic cones supplier that provides units manufactured from superior-quality materials like malleable PVC, ensuring they withstand harsh African environments, accidental bumps, and repeated usage.


  • Stability: A sturdy base prevents road cones from toppling over from heavy vehicle air displacement, strong winds, or being struck by vehicles. Appropriate malleability should allow the cones to rectify to their original state and not become a projectile that may cause injuries.


  • High Visibility: Look for cone suppliers with UV-resistant, bright colours and cones that can be supplied with additional, high-grade reflective bands. This not only prevents the cones from fading but also ensures maximum visibility around the clock, even in rain and fog.


Looking for a Traffic Cone Supplier? Do it Right – Choose Armco Superlite!


At Armco Superlite, we pride ourselves on the fact that, in our quiver of internationally renowned road safety equipment, we boast only the highest-quality road cones. We understand the critical role these cones play in construction site safety, so we only provide those that adhere to the highest quality standards, for example:


  • Unmatched Durability: Our traffic cones are manufactured from premium PVC using the flow-moulding method. This ensures exceptional flexibility and resilience, allowing them to spring back into shape after an impact, thereby minimising replacements and maximising cost-efficiency.


  • Enhanced Visibility: We do not compromise on visibility. Our road cones boast bright, UV-protected, orange-coloured, long-lasting spray dyes and superior reflective banding, which covers the full middle third of the units for optimal nighttime visibility.


  • Wide Variety: We offer three cone sizes with different weights, heights, and base widths for a diverse range of applications – from smaller cones for smaller work areas to heavy-duty options for major highway and byway projects. Moreover, we also offer giant, yellow-coloured cones for the mining industry, delineator posts, plastic water or sand-filled barriers, and more for increased hazard awareness.


  • Commitment to Safety: At Armco, safety is paramount. We adhere to stringent quality control standards and ensure that all our cones comply with all the relevant safety regulations.


If you are exploring opportunities for traffic cone suppliers, consider consulting with us at Armco Superlite. We offer a full range of road safety equipment for all purposes and applications, from W-Beam guardrails to the humble road cone and everything in between.


Contact us today and find premium equipment provided the Armco way.