Traffic delineators are road-safety products often used on urban and national roads to prevent vehicles from inadvertently using demarcated paths for bicycles, buses during peak periods, emergency vehicles, and motorcycles. In many instances, traffic delineators are used for temporary applications with the purpose of vehicle redirection away from temporary hazards such as roadside works, potholes, or sinkholes. Traffic delineators are often called hazard markers, as these road-safety products also serve to warn motorists against danger while indicating which side to pass the hazards safely. The very nature of these road-safety products is to warn and, as such, these traffic-redirection markers must be highly visible. To this end, the markers are fitted with reflective tape or highly visible paint is applied.

The temporary delineators available from us are, for instance, black and yellow. Yellow is highly visible and because of the alternating stripes, people notice the markers immediately. The yellow stripes are also very easy to see at night and in rainy conditions. These road-safety products are designed to cause as little damage as possible to impacting vehicles. Note that the units are only meant to redirect traffic and warn motorists against danger; they cannot prevent vehicles from driving over them. As such, the units are made to bend backwards upon impact by a straying vehicle. Instead of breaking off and thus becoming ineffectual and a hazard in itself, the blade bends backwards and then flips back to the upright position directly after impact. The design of these delineators includes a sturdy base that can be held in place with sandbags to prevent it from being blown over by strong winds. The blade is connected to the base and has a swivel action. The durable material from which they are made can withstand the harsh weather conditions that are often experienced in South Africa.

The units are made to handle many impacts at high speed before replacement is required. This helps to keep road-construction and -maintenance costs low. As mentioned before, they are mostly used in temporary applications and, as such, the units must be light enough for quick deployment without the need for any special equipment. Being lightweight also means deployment can be done by one worker. This reduces the risk to the worker and vehicle users. Apart from being easy to place, their lightweight characteristic means more units can be transported at a time. Storage is also easy, as they have a small footprint and flat blades. This makes stacking easy, minimising space usage for storing or transporting purposes. Considering that it poses a danger to road users and the worker every time a hazard marker has to be placed or replaced, one can appreciate the many features of these traffic delineators that enable fast and easy deployment. With it being important to minimise damage to vehicles impacting them, the blades are made from a flexible material. With the flexible nature of the blades, the hazard markers can be used in stormy conditions as well.

We also supply the Dura-Post® delineators, designed and manufactured to sustain impacts at high speeds and from any side. These posts have small footprints as well, making it possible to install the units to create temporary or permanent demarcated paths. The units have been designed to sustain up to 200 impacts at 97 km/h before replacement is needed. It is possible to deploy the units quickly and ensure permanency by affixing them to the road surface with quick-set epoxy. Made to be highly visible, they come in reflective yellow. These road-safety products are made in one piece with no parts sticking out that can cause damage or injury. Should the pole section become detached from the base after a high-speed impact, the entire pole comes loose. It is lightweight in design and thus the risk of vehicle damage is minimal at worst. The posts are visible from all sides and made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Apart from highly visible and durable traffic delineators, we also supply road-safety cones, speed bumps, and truck-mounted delineators as part of our comprehensive road-safety product offering. Our brand is well-known for superior quality and equally impressive service delivery. View our full list of products or contact us for pricing and specifications on all these types of traffic delineators.