Flexible reflective delineators are road-safety products with an appearance and design that are similar to that of bollards. However, these two road-safety products differ in their functions. Bollards serve to warn motorists and pedestrians of obstructions ahead. In fact, these road safety products’ main purpose is to warn motorists not to pass a certain point. Bollards can be of various sizes and can be quite large if required. They prevent entrance into an area. They can be made from steel, concrete, or a flexible material that is designed to deflect. If a car hits the flexible and highly visible bollard, the device bends over and flips back to its upright position after impact. Because it is flexible, it does not break easily.

Reflective delineators are highly visible road-safety products intended for guidance. They do not serve as a type of barrier able to prevent break-through; instead, these devices have the purpose of indicating that motorists or pedestrians should not follow a particular route. The delineators also serve as a warning of changes in road conditions. Such changes may include structures in the form of W-beam guard rails installed on sharp bends in the road. In such instances, they are fitted to the guardrails and are made to be reflective as to ensure optimal visibility during low-light conditions such as dawn, dusk, bad weather, and at night.

Reflective delineators are also versatile and practical in the sense that they have been designed to take up little space on the road and thus have a very small footprint. The flexible posts are poles or blades on bases and these delineators can easily bend and deflect, causing very little damage to a vehicle that hits it – usually little more than superficial scuffing. In most instances, these flexible reflective devices are installed at roadworks, changes in roadways, and where certain paths are temporarily allocated for specific purposes such as bus or bicycle lanes. Due to these road-safety devices’ function of warning and guiding, the units are made from reflective materials and brightly painted to ensure they are clearly visible.

We offer the reflective delineators that are placed on W-beam guardrails to warn of an obstruction or change in the road, as well as the temporary blade type with yellow and black stripes. The latter is used at roadworks and have sturdy bases to prevent them from blowing over. They are attached to the bases with a swivel foot that allows the blades to bend upon impact. These reflective delineators are made for temporary use; as such, they are lightweight and quick and easy to deploy without special equipment. Though some types’ bases can be anchored to the road, sandbags or stones are placed on the bases of the black-and-yellow ones that indicate roadworks and safe paths around obstructions. Quick deployment is critical to prevent workers from being hit by vehicles. We also supply the posts. These posts are durable, easy to install, and cost-effective. With just a tiny footprint, they are suited for use on roads where space is limited.

Apart from reflective delineators, we supply water- or sand-filled barriers made from durable materials as well. These are hollow, but to keep the devices in place or prevent them from being moved or blown over, can be filled with sand or water. Their interlocking design makes it possible to create interlocked walls of them around obstacles or hazards. The plastic types are also suitable for quick deployment at roadside works, roadblocks, and any other hazards that may be present in the road. There is no need for special installation equipment. The bollards are lightweight enough when empty to be moved by two workers.

All our road-safety products are made according to industry standards and are relevant to South African road conditions. The products have been tested and are made to be durable, practical, and cost-effective. The product range is extensive and includes the likes of end terminals, traffic pylons, monster pylons, speed bumps, and truck-mounted systems. We are proud of the quality of our products and provide installation guidance where relevant. Our brand is synonymous with precision and quality and you can have a look at our online road-safety product brochure and call us for quotes and more information on our range of reflective delineators suitable for South African roads.