Get the Best Water Filled Barriers for Your Traffic Management Needs

The single greatest challenge for road construction contractors, and the safety of their employees, is that vehicular traffic is usually uncomfortably close to their workers; and water filled barriers seem to be becoming a convenient solution. Some road construction might take place in quiet suburban side streets where traffic cones, a few signs, and delineators will suffice for warning passing road users of an obstruction in the road.

Water Filled Barriers

However, in busy city streets or high-speed highways where cars travel a lot closer and often a lot faster than in suburbia, a little more care needs to be taken to protect motorists, pedestrians, and employees. Although not impact-resistant, our water filled barriers offer a lightweight (when empty), easily transportable, and sometimes stackable solution to separate workers and members of the public from the many hazards of fast-moving or congested traffic.

We at Armco Superlite saw the urgent need for quality separators in road construction and many other industries and quickly added these potentially life-saving devices to our already impressive portfolio of road safety products. Let’s take a look at our top-quality water filled barriers.


Water Filled Barriers to Suit Your Dividing Needs    

Our mobile barriers can also be filled with sand, which is useful to know with municipal water restrictions and water shortages in some parts of southern Africa. Manufactured from top-quality, high-impact UV-stabilised Polyethylene and coloured in yellow for excellent visibility, they offer the best-quality at cost-effective prices. Some of their many benefits include:

  • They are stackable for easy, cost-efficient transportation (on the 28kg only)Monster Man Water-Filled Road Barriers
  • The barriers are interlockable
  • They are flush mounted
  • They may be used in conjunction with the impact-resistant EuroNEATTM system for additional peace of mind

They are extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes, like separating traffic from workers on public roads or channelling people away from security concerns at public events, for example. We offer water filled barriers in four convenient sizes:

  1. The smallest in our range of barriers measures in at an overall length of 1350mm and an effective length of 1235mm. It stands at a height of 600mm with a base width of 570mm. It weighs in at a mere 6kg (empty) but when full, it is a solid 60kg unit.
  2. Next is the middleweight. Its dimensions are 1910mm (effective) or 1030mm (overall) by 1015mm high and a base width of 530mm. It weighs 17kg (empty) and becomes an 80kg barrier when full.
  3. Our large water filled barrier is stackable and measures at an overall length 2,030m, with an effective length of 1910mm. It has a base width of 520mm and weighs 28kg when empty and 80kg when filled.
  4. For the mining industry or where machinery like earth graders, bulldozers, drive-on steam rollers, and the like are used in larger road construction projects, we have the formidable Monster Man barrier. Available in yellow or black, this monstrous monster has a length of 3000mm, a height of 2,06m with a base width of 2m. When empty, it weighs in at 120kg but when full, it has the capacity to hold 2000 litres of water.


Our Water Filled Barriers Aren’t Light – They Are Armco Superlite  

Our qualified team at Armco Superlite is aware of how rugged and tough our road safety equipment has to be to deal with the everyday abuses of a construction site while having to survive the harsh weather conditions of southern Africa. We are confident that, subjected to these conditions, our products will outlast any of their competitor products of similar or more inferior design.

With a footprint deep into Sub-Saharan Africa, we can accommodate your next project. Regardless of where you are located, or how large or small your project may be, our road safety products will stand up to the challenge. If you need water filled dividing separators or any other road safety equipment, contact us for a quote, schedule an appointment either online or in person for a consultation, and order yours today.


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