The water-filled barrier is one of the most versatile road-safety products in South Africa. It is a stackable, high-impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene barrier that is used as a boundary indicator and wall where there is a need for a temporary barrier. The interlocking nature of the water-filled barrier system makes it possible to create a long wall. It is modular in design, allowing for connection between two or more such barrier units to create the desired wall length. We provide these barriers in bright yellow for maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions and at night. We offer 6-, 17-, and 28-kg units. Made from extremely strong polyethylene plastic, the water-filled barrier is exceptionally durable, even when exposed to harsh South African weather conditions. It is lightweight in design to ensure that, when empty, it can be handled with ease by two workers. Once it is filled with water, the barrier boasts excellent stability and is heavy enough to prevent it from being blown over by strong winds.

The water-filled barrier is made to be split- and crack-resistant, even when exposed to the sun day after day. This makes it a cost-effective temporary barricade that can be transported and quickly deployed at construction sites, roadwork zones, events, temporary roadblocks, and for directing traffic into a specific lane. The system is highly effective for construction-zone applications, since it is often necessary to protect road users and construction workers and equipment at the same time. The force of an impact with a water-filled barrier is significantly lower than with a similar barricade made from concrete. The barrier cannot stop vehicles and rather serves to create a temporary boundary that provides a measure of protection in urban areas where vehicles travel more slowly than on main roads. The barrier is big enough to create an obstacle that is highly visible and wide enough to prevent a motorist from overlooking it and driving into the blocked-off area.

The water-filled barrier can be reused time and time again. If it has not been damaged by an impact, it can be emptied once the construction project is completed and moved to a new place. This type of barrier can be used at a stop-and-go point at a temporary road closure where it is effective as a visual deterrent to prevent motorists from ignoring the stop-and-go sign. Thanks to its lightweight design and excellent durability, it can be reused several times and at various locations for different purposes. Its reusability in particular makes it one of the most cost-effective road-safety products for temporary applications. As such, it provides superb value for money. As mentioned earlier, it is available in various sizes to meet the application needs of construction companies, event organiser, or law-enforcement agencies. The water-filled barrier is an innovative product for use in a wide range of traffic-control situations, in addition to security, crowd control, and construction applications.

Their lightweight design makes it possible to handle, transport, and deploy these units with ease; in fact, when not in use, they can be stacked to reduce the space needed for the storage or transportation of the barrier system. Another boon is that one can decide on the level to which one wishes to fill it. It is cheap to fill it with water and in this way control the level of weight and stability needed. It is also easy to drain, because opening the drain plug allows for a quick release of the water. Thanks to the ease with which the units can be transported and deployed, emergency-response teams can quickly erect barricades at road-accident scenes and create alternative paths around such scenes.

The highly visible yellow colour adds to the safety profile of the barrier. The temporary boundary is visible from far away, regardless of weather conditions. Since the water-filled barrier system is modular and interlocking in design, it is possible to create a curve of any radius to either direction, depending on the requirements of the application. When the various units are interlocked and filled with water, the risk of an accidental or wilful change to the structure layout is significantly reduced.

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