As a leading supplier of a wide range of road-safety products, we proudly introduce our 1,8-m tall and highly visible road cones. These road cones are suitable for use at construction, dam engineering, and mine sites where large trucks and heavy machinery operate. In these places, the normal traffic pylons are simply too small to be highly visible to the machine operators, hence the availability of larger-size pylons for such sites.

These pylons are available in a range of colours to meet client requirements. To increase visibility, a reflective sleeve can be added to it. This is especially useful in poor light, as can be experienced at night or in the presence of rain or fog. The highly reflective sleeves make it possible for operators of large machines to see where the pylons are located at night.

To prevent the road cones from being blown over by strong winds too easily, they can be affixed to the ground, as they have specially moulded holes for this purpose. This is an important feature to also prevent unauthorised moving of the units. These cones weigh 8,5 kg and are, therefore, quite light enough for easy placement without the need for special equipment. The pylons feature a hollow design, allowing for stacking when not in use or for easier transportation. Their heavy bases help to keep them upright in windy conditions.

In addition to the large 1,8-m pylons for construction sites, we offer the normal, smaller road cones as well. These pylons are also available in a range of colours, including the famous Dayglo Orange, making them highly visible. They are made from strong PVC and are painted with UV-resistant ink to prevent premature fading of the colour. Our products are of superb quality, durable, and made for tough South African conditions.

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