Corrugated steel pipes are often the material of choice in sewage, stormwater, and drainage applications and for good reason. The pipes are economical, structurally strong, easy to install in comparison with many other types of materials, and durable. But, let us take a closer look at the applications, design, and top advantages of corrugated steel pipes for use in modern road and construction projects.

Wide Range of Corrugated Steel Pipes Applications

In any type of construction project, it is imperative to use proven products and materials that are widely used in the industry. Products that are trusted by leading firms and that have been used in various applications have stood the test of time.

Corrugated steel pipes, often also referred to as culverts, are used in applications such as:

  • Culverts;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Relines of culverts;
  • Drainage systems;
  • Stormwater run-off;
  • Conveyor covers; and
  • Bridge construction.

These products are made from high-quality, industry-standard corrugated steel. Due to the design and base material, they are somewhat flexible, making it possible to use them at areas where slight curves are needed. The design makes it possible to use the pipes in pressure-fitting applications where anything from small to large (and sudden) volumes of fluid must be displaced. The pipes are designed to absorb the energy from the fluid flow and can absorb high-level vibration energy. The corrugated steel pipes are suitable for installation in areas where extreme cold is experienced. Other materials might burst in such cold conditions, but because of their design and the characteristics of the material, these types of pipes can be used throughout extreme temperature ranges.

Companies often also use the pipes as replacements for conventional construction materials such as cement, gravel, and wood to reduce environmental impact. The design also contributes greatly to the product’s structural integrity, ensuring that it can carry considerable weight. Since the weight load is uniformly distributed over the entire length of the pipe, it has good deformation resistance. Practicality is an important reason for the installation of corrugated steel pipes. With such pipes being lighter than many other types, both installation time and effort are reduced. Lighter is also beneficial when it comes to transportation and handling of the corrugated steel pipes.

Low Maintenance

Cost-effectiveness is always an important consideration in the selection of construction products. However, cost-effectiveness over the entire lifespan of a product must be considered and not just the initial purchase cost. Corrugated steel pipes have exceptional durability, with lifespans of more than 25 years. Unless a pipe sustains a damaging impact, it is not likely to lose its structural integrity. Regardless of the soil in which the pipes are installed, they can even have lifespans of up to 50 years. The material can withstand the acidity and alkalinity of the surrounding soil and as such, provide the long service life needed for optimal cost-effectiveness.

Ease of Installation

As mentioned earlier, the pipes are easier to install than many of the alternatives and because the pipes are pre-manufactured in certain lengths, installation can be done in relatively short timeframes. Savings in terms of installation time translate into savings on equipment hire and labour.


With the corrugated steel pipes manufactured at the plants where our pipes are made according to strict quality and manufacturing standards, the products are already tested at the time of manufacture. Consistency in performance and quality can thus be expected. It also means that no testing needs to be performed at the installation site. This helps to reduce installation time.

No Need to Hire Heavy Lifting Machinery

The pipes are light enough to make installation possible without the need for expensive, heavy lifting machinery. Time and cost savings are thus attained also regarding equipment hire. With the relative lightweight of the pipes, the units are also easy to store and transport.


When thinking of corrugated steel, one may not immediately think about eco-friendliness. However, because the material is so strong and has such a long lifespan, it has a lower environmental impact. Every time a product must be replaced, it goes with more manufacturing, transportation, and damage to the immediate surrounds. As such, corruageted steel pipes can be seen as sustainable products because of their longevity and low maintenance needs.

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