Motorists and pedestrians might take road-safety products for granted but without the effective and correct use of such devices, the fatality rates on South African roads would be far higher.

These road-safety products warn motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians of danger, redirect them around hazards, and indicate safe areas to use. They can be used to slow traffic down and impose speed limits in residential areas. One example is the speed bump. To safely drive over it, a vehicle must slow down considerably. It can be used in areas where motorists must drive slowly to prevent collisions with pedestrians or wildlife.

These devices are essential at roadworks to redirect motorists around hazards, ditches, and heavy machinery. Delineators warn motorists of the work in progress and indicate on which side to pass safely. Likewise, traffic cones are deployed to channel vehicles into specific lanes or around accident scenes. Without these devices, more accidents would happen.

Consider, for instance, the role of the W-beam guardrail on mountain passes. Without it, motorists are at risk of driving over the edge. Subsequently, many motorists drive too closely to the median line to stay well clear of the cliff, increasing the risk of head-on collisions. Where guardrails are in place, motorists are more confident to keep to the left side of the road.

Water-filled barriers are used as interlocking walls around construction sites. Though these barriers cannot prevent speeding vehicles from breaking through, their sheer size and bright colour, in addition to their interlocking feature, help to warn and guide motorists around slopes and other dangerous situations.

Considering the functions mentioned, one can understand why it is essential to select the right equipment for the job. It is also imperative to choose high-quality products that meet strict safety and manufacturing standards. The equipment must be properly tested too. To this end, we recommend buying from trusted brands such as Armco Superlite, internationally known for our expertise and the quality of our roadsafety products.