The Science of Delineators: How Reflective Materials Keep Roads SaferDelineators I Reflective Road-Safety Equipment

Reflective delineators and traffic cones form essential parts of road-safety equipment when it comes to road construction and other projects involving the safety of road users and other members of the public. Road construction zones on their own are a major safety hazard for drivers, pedestrians, and workers, and without these vital pieces of equipment, all these lives could be put in jeopardy.

Delineators are made from special reflective materials and road cones are often equipped with a reflective band that covers the middle third of its height. In poor light, inclement weather, or after dark, these reflective materials reflect light to the source, making them much more visible to approaching road users. In this article, allow the leaders in road-safety equipment at Armco Superlite to explore the science of delineation and the importance of reflective materials in keeping roads safer.

Different Types of Reflective Materials and How Delineators Are Used in Construction Zones

There are different types of reflective materials that can be used in construction zones in Southern Africa, including:

  • Reflective Signage: From the approach to the obstructions in the path of road users, reflective signs are an important tool to warn drivers of upcoming lane closures, detours, and other hazards. They should also serve to slow the speed of oncoming traffic and advise in which direction to travel. Reflective signs are more visible to drivers, especially at night.
  • Delineators: Reflective delineators can be static or reboundable and are essential to every construction zone. They are available as broad boards or in post form, like our Dura-Post® Delineator. They mark out the road ahead, diverting traffic away from potential danger, and keep workers safe. When spaced evenly and correctly, motorists will know at a glance in which direction to travel.
  • Road Cones: Traffic cones are a common sight in construction zones. If work is continuing into the night hours, it is advisable to fit the cones with reflective tape strips that make them more visible. These humble but essential pieces of equipment guide road users through the most hazardous parts of the zone, so it is best that they can be seen by the most errant of drivers.
  • Reflective Vests and Helmets: As important as it is to keep the delineation path clearly marked both during the day and at night, workers who are contracted to the construction zone should wear reflective materials on their person. Reflective vests and helmets go a long way to keep these individuals visible once the sun sets, especially the flaggers and workers close to the roadside.
  • Construction Equipment and Barriers: Heavy grading and roller equipment should be made visible through reflective materials. Slow-moving trucks protecting workers should be fitted with reflective barriers like our Alpha 70K TMA and road-safety barriers should have reflective, visible “end stops” like our tidy EuroNEAT System.
  • Finished Projects: If part of your construction project involved erecting W-Beam guardrails, ensure that reflectors are installed at their prescribed intervals. These reflective delineators may be small, but they are extremely effective in the dark.

By incorporating these elements, including proper lighting, and flaggers in high-visibility clothing with reflective wands, and establishing slowdown zones for road users, construction zones can become much safer for everyone on or passing through the site.

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