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When discussing road safety products, the W-Beam guardrail safety barrier automatically springs to mind. When considering the procurement of a guardrail safety system, one would think it natural that internationally recognised guardrail suppliers would be consulted.


Benefits of using Internationally Recognised Guardrail Suppliers

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Positioned and installed professionally, using raw materials supplied by only the best guardrail suppliers, and under the correct conditions, the W-Beam, steel safety barrier has proven itself to be one of the most effective lifesaving road safety devices. Its corrugated, “W-shaped” side profile adds to its already rigid structure, allowing it to be more effective than other products designed for the same function.

The longitudinal two-wave re-directive panel allows for side impact netting, slowing down and re-directing of the collision vehicle, automatically reducing the risk of fatal injury. Its design assists with absorbing kinetic energy, folding and bending before giving way. In more serious impact collisions, the posts are specifically designed and fitted to jolt free from their mountings, allowing even distribution of energy across the length of the barrier.

The product also induces driver confidence, promoting steering lanes that are closer to the kerb, thus preventing “centre-line crowding” on straight lengths of road or around tight bends. Additionally, top-quality raw materials’ durability and strength make the product ideal for limited-space impact zones. Most effective in median-island, curving bends, opposing traffic and high pedestrian road shoulder applications, for example.

Inversely, the rail barrier not only assists in preventing a vehicle from leaving the road into areas of potentially greater danger. But, it also assists in blocking vehicular traffic, pedestrians or wildlife from traversing the median or wandering into the roadway, thereby protecting both errant obstacles and motorists from potential injury.

If the product is manufactured by leading guardrail suppliers, the quality, durability and longevity of the product naturally increase the entire system’s success rate exponentially. Taking into account that human lives are at stake, inferior product supply could result in structural failure so, at Armco Superlite, we do things right.

3 Top Reasons for using Quality Raw Materials supplied by Armco Superlite

  1. Best Quality Guardrails

  • Available in effective lengths of 3.81m and 4m.
  • Special-length orders are available upon request.
  • Individual lengths may be curved to fit a preferred radius from 3 to 45m.
  • Our internationally accepted guardrails are manufactured to SANS 1350 standards.
  • Standard end and bullnose end wings are available for system end protection.
  • Product supplied uncoated or available in hot dip galvanized to SANS 121 / ISO 1461.
  • Professional installation guidance is given upon request.
  1. Durable Guardrail Posts (Available in Timber or Steel)

  • Standard timber posts provided at 1800mm x 150-175mm diameter.
  • Top ends are bevelled and domed upon request.
  • Mounting holes are pre-drilled for convenient installation.
  • Timber is creosoted for longevity.
  • All our timber posts conform to SANS 457.
  • Steel posts are manufactured on-site to customer specifications upon request.
  1. Defined Delineators (Reflectors)

  • Reflectors are Type D as specified by the Department of Transport.
  • Type V delineators are also available.
  • Manufactured from Chromadek to ensure longevity.
  • Retro-reflective material complies with provisions of CKS 191.
  • Colour coding to customer specifications.
  • Slotted base for ease of installation.

*For a complete list of benefits, further specifications and installation diagram, visit here*


Be Armed with Armco Superlite

Armco Superlite manufactures and supplies internationally recognised road safety products and equipment. We carry a full range of permanent, semi-permanent and fully portable products that are suitable for any situation. From building security, maintenance and crowd control to international construction projects, we have the expertise, products and facilities to accommodate even the most rugged of locations and terrains.

Our footprint is deeply engrained into the sands of Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. Accommodating the road and building construction, mining, transport and emergency service industries. For sound, professional advice and guidance from our specifically selected support team, excellent service delivery and internationally recognised road safety products and equipment, be prepared. Be safe. Be armed with Armco Superlite


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